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Age of Mythology Cheats You Can Make History

by tenderpuls

Age of Mythology, released in collaboration with Ensemble Studios and Microsoft, has been popular since 2002. Let’s take a closer look at Age of Mythology cheats that are just as popular as the game itself.

The Age of Empires series is probably one of the first games that comes to everyone’s mind when it comes to strategy game. To our lives In 1997 The legendary series has appeared with many games over the years, but undoubtedly the most memorable games were Age of Empires II and Age of Mythology. Already the second game of the series is still getting more expansion packs. Age of Mythology was also backed by add-on packages such as “The Titans” at the time.

Age of games also have cheat codes that are as legendary as themselves. These cheats, which often have joke codes, are both easy to use and give players such an advantage during the war that one cannot stop cheating. That’s why you Age of Mythology We immediately move on to the subject by warning that their cheats are addictive.

Age of Mythology cheats how to enter

  • Step # 1: Press the ‘Enter’ key,
  • Step # 2: Enter the cheat code,
    • When typing the cheat, caps lock must be turned on
  • Step # 3: Press ‘enter’ again.

As you can see, using cheats is quite simple. Therefore, it is very easy to fall into the cheat pit and lose the fun of the game in a short time. Therefore, we recommend you to use the cheats without losing the dosage and the pleasure of the game. slow slow your playing.

Age of Mythology cheats:

  • 1.000 food cheat,
  • 1.000 wood cheat,
  • 1.000 gold cheat,
  • Maximum favor cheat,
  • Don’t show the map cheat,
  • Build fast cheating,
  • Flying pink hippopotamus cheat,
  • Animals on the map checking,
  • Lightning, earthquake, meteor and hurricane power tricks,
  • Win the game cheat

1,000 food cheats:

age of mythology animals

One of the most used materials when creating troops in all of the games of the Age of Empires series is food. “Night snackThis cheat code, which means ”, also saves you from a big trouble while printing new soldiers. If the game is hot and new soldiers If you do not want to deal with slaughtering animals on the map while you need to produce, this cheat is perfect for you.

1,000 wood cheats:

age of mythology

Wood resource also has a special place in Age of Empires games. Wood, which was originally used to construct new buildings, also works in producing high-level war machines as our civilization develops. We do not think you will have trouble finding trees during the game, but if short way We are not going to be angry with you if you want to do it By the way, the Turkish equivalent of the password is “trojan horse for sale”.

1,000 gold cheats:

age of mythology

The trick, named after Erebus, one of the first gods of Greek mythology, the god of darkness, is due to its relation to money.Erebus’ ATM” means. Those who play will know, besides the resources used in production such as wood and food, which we mentioned above, gold also all kinds of production a resource we should spend during. In this respect, we can call it the most critical resource in the game.

Maximum ‘favor’ cheat:

age of mythology

Favor is a resource unique to the Age of Mythology game only, and marks the level of our civilization. As you know, in Age of series games, you must use a high level in order to produce certain units and construct some buildings. to civilization level we need. At this point, the Greek gods who came to our aid and were the home of “Olympos mountainWith this trick, which means “, you will be able to produce anything you want.

Show the map cheat:

age of mythology map

What are your enemies doing, where are they, how developed? These questions, which you can never know the answer under normal circumstances, do not actually have to remain unanswered. This is probably one of the most powerful cheats in the Age of Empires series, after sources. Especially about enemies before the war phase to strong intelligence Ownership is one of the biggest steps that can be taken on the road to victory.

Quick build cheat:

age of mythology buildings

The slowest part of the time spent in front of the computer while playing Age of Mythology games is of course the moments when we expect a building to be built. We are building such a powerful building that will change the course of the war that we no longer have to wait. Don’t worry because anymore no waiting. In slang “super hackerWith this cheat, your buildings are ready to use with a single hammer strike.

Flying pink hippopotamus cheat:

age of mythology

While playing a game based on mythology, such creatures cannot be seen, right? This is why it is so a mythical creature We condemn Ensemble Studios, which allowed us to use it only through fraud, leaving you with the power of the flying pink hippo. By the way, don’t be afraid, my flying pink hippo isn’t real, it can’t hurt you.

The cheat to control the animals:

age of mythology animals

Think about it, you can control animals in a game like Age of where animal husbandry is at the forefront. You can increase your food stocks by calling them to your own settlement and hunting them. At the same time, it gives you extra power as you are in control of wild animals such as lions. Just keep in mind chickens, goats and pigs it cannot be controlled with this trick.

Lightning, earthquake, meteor and hurricane power cheat:

age of mythology hurricane

When it comes to Greek mythology, who doesn’t think of Zeus, the destroyer of the titans, first? That’s why it’s every gamer’s dream to have Zeus’ powers while playing Age of Mythology. “The anger of the godsThanks to this cheat, which means, giving the superiority directly to you during the war. to mystical powers you can have.

Cheats for winning the game:

age of mythology

Enemies flock to you, you are no longer able to drag the mouse or press the keys, but you still cannot afford to lose. Here’s one trick you can apply in a scenario like this. He also said:the thrill of victoryMeans “and allows you to win the game at once. Age of Mythology cheat. Your enemies will not understand how they lost literally.

With the second game of the Age of series, we come to the end of our article where we wrote the Age of Mythology tricks, perhaps the most memorable. All the cheats in the game are not limited to this, but we have selected the strongest cheats for you and included them in our article. If you like to use if there are other tricks You can share them with us in the comments section.

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