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12 Mobile Apps That Keep You Focused

by tenderpuls

With the rapid introduction of smartphones into our lives, most of us were unwittingly wasting our time on social media. Thus, we lost our focus and efficiency in our daily work. In fact, on the contrary, focusing applications that we can download to our phone to increase our productivity can be an effective solution to this problem.

In these days when focusing on a job is very difficult, we need to stay away from phones in order to focus and work efficiently. In this article, we have included 12 mobile applications that will distract you from looking at the phone screen, help solve your focusing problem, and increase your productivity by encouraging you to work.

The usage purposes and rewarding systems of the mobile applications in the list work quite differently from each other. For this reason, we recommend that you choose the most suitable application for you by browsing the description sections.

12 Mobile Focus Apps That Increase Productivity

  • Forest
  • Focus To-Do
  • Tide
  • Flip
  • Flipd
  • Freedom
  • Plantie
  • Just Pomodoro
  • Study Bunny
  • Crillo
  • Engross: Focus Timer & To-Do
  • Headspace

Depending on how long you can focus, the Forest where you grow trees:

Forest, virtual tree It is a focus practice based on cultivation. After you set the time you want to focus on, your tree begins to grow. if your tree stops growing if you exit the application and you’re killing him. Your goal in the time you set stay away from the phone to grow the tree successfully. The trees you grow in a day are collected in a field and as the number of trees increases, they turn into a forest.

Forest, which is a very enjoyable productivity application, as in virtual he actually plants trees in your name. You collect points for each of the trees you have successfully grown, and when these points reach 2500, a tree is planted in your name. This real-life tree planting can be an effective method to get your motivation.

Combined with the Pomodoro technique, the way to study and do business effectively, Focus To-Do:

focus to-do focus implementation

Focus To-Do app and browser extension, combining your daily work with Pomodoro technique it becomes a highly effective productivity tool. Thanks to the Pomodoro timer and other productivity tools that help you reach goals to do list can create, can track time spent and you can work more efficiently. You can upgrade to premium for a one-time fee and get features like cloud backup, detailed statistics, and unlimited working flexibility.

Pomodoro technique 25 minutes of work after the expiry date 5 minutes break It is a technique that aims to give you efficient work. Thanks to this application, you can include the Pomodoro technique in your work and follow it through the application.

Tide, where you can make a sleep plan and suggest meditation for relaxation:

tide efficiency app

Not just focused but also sleep, relaxation, and meditation Tide application is an application that can be used effectively for different purposes. The interface is quite simple and relaxing we can say. Set the time to focus and timer you can install. Focus before starting the timer your purpose and background noise you can choose. The application, which also has free sounds, has many sounds that make you relax and focus. Finally, statistics it is possible to follow through the application.

FLIP, which allows you to work by determining your daily target time:

flip efficiency app

After determining the goal of your work with FLIP your daily target time and your starting time you are entering. Then, the application warns you on the days you set to repeat this goal in a certain time frame. Its interface may feel a little more confusing compared to other applications.

Of course, there are also details that highlight the application. For example, your goals it doesn’t just depend on the duration you finished with different parameters such as the number of pages or questions You can also follow. Then you can follow your focus times through the application, working groups you can create. Finally, in terms of students We can call it an application that can be used more efficiently.

You can download FLIP for your iOS device here.

  • FLIP – Focus Counter for Study


Flipd that creates the working ambiance:


The application interface is quite simple and aesthetic designed Flipd is another focus application. The free version of Flipd, which can also be considered quite sufficient, specifies the time you want to stay away from the phone, and then states what you want to do during this time as a small label. After starting the time Focus music such as lo-fi, campfire, rain sound, nature sounds you can open it.

If you quit the application, you will be warns and if you don’t come back it finishes the counter. Thus, you fail to reach the goal. In addition to the latest update, you can use other applications “Multi-task” feature has also been introduced. Finally, statistics You can follow, with your friends can form a group or existing joining groups You can see your focus time and rank in the group.

Freedom, where you can block sites and applications that distract you:

freedom focus app

The feature that distinguishes Freedom from other focus applications is that it prevents you from focusing. prevents you from using apps. With the Blocklists section in the application, you can block websites and mobile applications that you do not want to enter during your work. Thus, you can stay away from social media and make your work more efficient. Finally, it is useful to know that the free version of the application offers a limited number of study sessions.

Plantie solves the focus with gamification:

plantie focus app

Another gamified The focus application is Plantie. During this time, the application that starts the timer to focus on your tasks to grow a tree starting. During this time, if you switch to other applications or return to the home screen, the clock ends. Reflecting your productivity to monitor your progress daily, weekly and general statistics well shown in the app. As you increase your focus time on more apps, new plants are unlocked. In addition, you can determine the focus time yourself.

Just Pomodoro, who offers the Pomodoro technique only:

just pomodoro efficiency app

The Just Pomodoro application, which comes up with a very sweet interface, determines your focus time and break time and how many times this cycle will be repeated. number of sessions stated as. You can arrange sessions for yourself as a task and by turning on notifications You can make the application alert you. also changing colors You can change the appearance of the targets. Finally background sounds and statistics well thought out. Just Pomodoro, simple and convenient Those who want a focus application will love it.

Study Bunny for those looking for a more childish interface and gamified app:

study bunny productivity

Aiming to make the focus a little more fun thanks to your digital rabbit, Study Bunny saves you money to feed your rabbit as you stay away from the phone by focusing. Later, you can raise your rabbit by buying food with the money you have saved. In this very cute application, whose interface is almost like a cartoon. Up to 180 minutes focus session you can install. To-do list, background music and statistics to keep track of them also make the application very useful.

Crillo where you can schedule your study sessions:

crillo focus app

Crillo, which is a very useful focusing application with its minimalist look, has three modes. 20/25/50 minute sessions You can set your target and start the timer. You can start it right away or you can start working later by getting a notification. Afterwards, you can follow your completed or given up sessions.

Engross where you can set your break times yourself:

engross productivity app

In the free version timer and to-do list The Engross application has features that can be used by those who love a simple interface. On the timer how many minutes work and how many minutes break what you want to give you can determine it yourself. You can also specify how many times you will repeat this cycle. With a minimalist to-do list, you can also put notifications and notes to remind you before you do each task.

Promising to increase our working data with sports and sleep tracking, Headspace:

headspace focus app

In addition to focus at the same time meditation, sports and sleep Headspace application according to your need becomes a single application that can be used. In the app to keep your concentration special sounds and meditation courses available. Many, diversified according to the type of your work playlist available. Finally, unfortunately, we can say that the downside of the application is that it requires a fee for many of its features.

  • Headspace: Meditation & Sleep


  • Headspace: Meditation & Sleep


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