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The Tale of the Old Man with a Sad Smile

by tenderpuls

social media users in recent times often shares his story of the old man appeared visually in Turkey. According to the information Hürriyet obtained, this man named Andras Istvan Arato has actually been an internet phenomenon for 10 years.

With the spread of social media platforms, a new viral content erupts almost every day. The images that fall on the Internet can be shared with a single touch. can reach millions The fact that this type of content is known to everyone who uses the Internet. social media users in Turkey have the time, the image of an old man They make various shares using. Libertyexplored the story of this man with a sad smile.

According to the information obtained, the real name of the man we have seen frequently lately Andras Istvan Arato. The Hungarian origin man came to life in 1945 and his main profession was electrical engineering. Arato, who has achieved important works in his career, in 2010 to have a holiday coming to our country. Here the photos taken Arato sharing on social media platforms, in various countries over the years, and today has managed to become the best-known faces in Turkey between the case.

Here is that old man we all know

When Arato shares his photos on his social media accounts, he draws the attention of a professional photographer. Upon this, the photographer who contacted him and Arato test shoot is doing. The shots made are also used as stock images in various sectors. The phenomenon, who says he searched the internet to find an image of himself in this process, says he learned that his face went viral. According to Arato, people say that the expression in their eyes with the smile “unbelievable“he thinks he is so sad, even this old man”hiding his pain, HaroldThey describe it as “.

Webtekno the old man who became viral

The photo Arato took while sitting at a desk and looking at the computer, to this day countless contents had become its main element. In fact, our social media teams did not overlook this situation, and the content you see above is with you. they shared. The retired engineer, who said that he wanted to be aware of all kinds of sharing about himself after he went viral, turn into madness He adds.

Old man with laptop

Andras Istvan Arato becoming a phenomenon, after a while, by his family discomfort subject dead. Because the old man’s family began to think that they had no privacy with almost every image that Arato shared was viralized. However, after a while, the family got used to the situation and started to live with this reality. Even the old man who decided to claim his reputation in 2017, Opened an account on Facebook and shared the photos he took and the posts made on this account.


Turkey also become known in recent years come to us with Arato, more than the interest shown satisfied. The phenomenon, which says he is proud of being so known for his absurd smile, in commercials and says he played in music videos. It should also be said that this phenomenon adds a Ted speech to Arato.

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