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Some Android Apps Crash On Their Own

by tenderpuls

An issue has broken out affecting most Android phones. According to the statements of Google, this problem caused by “WebView” caused the applications installed on the phones to close by themselves. If you are having this problem, we told you what you can do.

Android users have begun to face an interesting situation recently. This situation, which does not affect all users but happens to many users, applications shut down suddenly was leading. Moreover, the problem was not targeting a specific application group. So a banking application too Owned by google apps it was also stopping itself.

While users cannot understand what the problem is, they visit platforms such as Twitter and Reddit and sites such as Down Detector to find out that there is a problem with their phone. to declare they started. Thereupon, Google announced that the situation was noticed and started to work.

Google announces that the problem is caused by WebView

Google made a new statement shortly after it announced that the problem was noticed, and the problem is one of the internal software in the Android ecosystem. WebView announced that it is sourced. Saying that users who have problems can uninstall the last update of WebView, Google engineers said that after the fix is ​​made, a new update will be released, with this update, the problem in the middle to be removed they explained.


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In our checks on a Galaxy S20 + model with the latest updates, for WebView 23 March We see the presence of an update published on. This update includes the application version “89.0.4389.105After installing the update, we have detected that there are no problems with the applications. If you are still having problems and your WebView version is not 89.0.4389.105, you can try to delete the latest update of the application or download the APK file for this version code. by downloading you can overcome the problem.

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