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KFC Gaming TR to Offer Content Ecosystem to Gamers

by tenderpuls

KFC Publishme we face as a result of the joint efforts of Turkey and the KFC Gaming TR, an event full of gamers and aims to offer content ecosystem.

KFC is one of the world’s most famous fast food chain in Turkey, prepared in cooperation with the Publisher KFC Gaming TR promises gamers fun sharing, surprise menus, different contents and out-of-the-box events.

Aiming to be an important part of the game world, KFC Gaming TR, Twitch and Discord In addition to platforms where players such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Spotify shares various contents and announcements with the players.

All developments in the game world will be on the KFC Gaming TR Discord channel.

KFC Gaming TR, which officially started broadcasting as of February 12, has made its way to the developments from the game world, video content, with the stars of the game world It includes content that draws attention. In addition, followers can follow important e-sports competitions, Turkish players’ struggles in the global arena and big game events via KFC Gaming TR.

One of the most important areas where KFC Gaming TR is on Discord channel Team Chicken Contents about the 24/7 game world under the leadership of the moderation team, small events with surprises and while the game chats are in progress; Organized by KFC Gaming TR; The preparation and moderation of game tournaments are also provided in daily, weekly and monthly periods.


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On the KFC Gaming TR Twitch channel “5 different contents in 5 different days” With the theme, the followers accompany the game performances of different broadcasters. Also on Twitch channel special surprises for broadcasts and KFC menus for broadcasters. In short, if you are someone who follows the game world, KFC Gaming TR may be one of your new favorite creators.

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