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Chapter One First Gameplay Trailer Released

by tenderpuls

The gameplay trailer for the first episode of the world’s most popular detective Sherlock Holmes game has been released. After the first trailer for Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, quite entertaining accusations were made.

Sherlock Holmes, which we love very much with his books, series and movies, is entering the world of video games with a new game. The first trailer of the game, which will make a name for itself with its advanced graphics and in-game dynamics, has been released. Earlier third person As far as we can see in the trailer of the game, which is announced to be played from a perspective, there will be situations when we will switch to FPS mode.

Long-awaited Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One for Sherlock fans; It will satisfy the players in terms of mystery, suspense, imagination and intrigue. The biggest analogy of the trailer, which is funny in many ways, is “Assassin’s Creed Unity and Max Payne ” to break it is a game. As we observed from the trailer of the game, the atmosphere of the game and the building designs really take us to the atmosphere of Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Question witnesses, inspect crime scene, fight and find criminals

In Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One We play the character Sherlock. In order to find the criminals, we try to reach the result by disguising them, tying the plots together and keeping our calm as much as possible. Puzzle based Of course, playing this wonderful story is everyone’s dream, but we have to specify, it is necessary to examine every element in an environment.

One of the most important elements that stand out in the gameplay video is that we should pay attention to the gestures of the NPCs. Examination of items, gesture control And connecting all these events will add a lot to finish the story. Especially in the section where we question the characters “everything we say”Will be tying the story. We have seen the results of our dialogues with the characters in many games. In a game like the Sherlock story, we have to pay close attention to “the answers we receive and give”.

When will Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One be released?

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One by Frogwares 2021 first in the year PC Following to the environment Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S will be released for. Steam, GOG, Epic Games The price of the game, which will be available for sale on the platforms, is not yet known.

Game TurkishIt will be offered with support for many languages, including. Frogwares He states that “language support” is very critical in a game where the story and the plot are so important. Every sentence that comes out of the mouths of the characters you can imagine is very tying to the story. Therefore, it is very important that the game is really understandable.

Do you guys like the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One trailer? Please share with us in the comments.

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