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Black Shark 4 Family Compatible Accessories Announced

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Announcing the new player-oriented phones Black Shark 4 and Black Shark 4 Pro, Xiaomi also announced the peripherals that can be used with these smartphones. In this context, the company, which comes up with a wired headset, a cooler and a powerbank, will offer players a complete experience.

The new phones 4 and 4 Pro, which have been specially designed for gamers in the past minutes. announcing Xiaomi’s sub-company Black Shark announced the accessories that can be used with this phone after the phone announcement. In this context, the company announcing a wired headset, an external cooling equipment and a power bank, complete it looks like it will offer an experience.

The headphones announced by Black Shark came out as wired with 3.5mm jack input. Mobile gamers “Standard” or “Ring Iron Edition“The headphones, which can be purchased in two different models, promise high sound quality as well as minimum latency due to the nature of its wired structure. 23 dollarsIf the Ring Iron Edition version 38 dollars they will be able to have it in return.

This is how Black Shark’s new headphones look

The second side product announced in addition to Black Shark 4 and Black Shark 4 Pro is “Cooling Back Clip 2 ProThis product is attached to the back of the Black Shark 4 family and with its powerful fans, it helps to prevent the phone from heating up while playing games. 30 dollars The hardware available for purchase is of a kind that will further improve the gaming experience. The image shared by Black Shark for Cooling Back Clip 2 Pro is as follows;

Black Shark Cooling Clip 2 Pro

The latest spin-off product announced by Black Shark, 20 thousand mAh a power bank with a capacity. The power bank, which can satisfy many consumers in terms of capacity, will provide players with an uninterrupted experience. 25 dollars The fact that this power bankin, which can be purchased for a very affordable price, offers 20-watt fast charging support, is another issue that will affect mobile game enthusiasts.

Black Shark 20000 mAh power bank

According to the statements made by Black Shark officials, the company’s new peripherals, Black Shark 4 and Black Shark 4 Pro, namely today as of available for purchase.


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