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Amazon Opens 4th Game Studio in Montreal

by tenderpuls

Amazon announced today that it has opened its fourth game studio in Montreal. The company stated that the core team of this studio will also be made up of the names behind Rainbow Six Siege.

Today, actively taking part in every sector AmazonAs you know, it also entered the game industry. But the company has not been very successful in making games so far. Amazon, the first AAA game in the past months Crucible had canceled it completely. As if that wasn’t enough, the massive multiplayer role-playing game we were eagerly awaiting in the same week New World also delayed. But today, news came showing that Amazon is still firmly clinging to the ropes.

Amazon, which already has 3 developer studios in Seattle, Orange County and San Diego, has decided to open a fourth. The place where the company will open its new studio Montreal happened. In the statement shared today, it will be released within Amazon AAA games will be developed in this studio was announced. The staff that will form the foundations of the new studio is the same in the statement was shown. Amazon Montreal studio, The core team behind Rainbow Six Siege it included.

Competition in target multiplayer games:

According to the post shared in Amazon Montreal studio Luc bouchard head of production, Xavier Marquis creative director, Alexandre Remy product head and Romain rimokh He will work as the content director. With this team taking part in a game that has attracted more than 70 million players to date, Amazon will of course want to achieve the same success. Not even surprisingly, the focus of the studio “creating best-in-class online games“It was stated.


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However, Amazon also shed a little light on what to expect in the future. The company announced that the open-world MMO game New World will be released in August 2021, which is currently under development and There are productions that have not been announced yet explained. Finally, the company is looking for software developers and game artists to be taken to the Montreal studio, from this link He added that they can reach open positions.

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