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Trump To Return To Social Media In 2-3 Months

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Donald Trump’s senior advisor, Jason Miller, said in a new statement that the former US president will return to social media with his platform within 2-3 months.

Former president of the us Donald trumpafter being accused of inciting its voters and encouraging the U.S. House of Representatives to raid Twitter, Facebook he uses extremely actively like was blocked from social media platforms. Trump, who made a surprising exit on this, will establish his own social media network. had announced.

Sunday (yesterday) Fox NewsJason Miller, senior advisor to the Trump administration, made new statements about the former US president’s own social media platform. According to Miller, the platform in question, will be published in two or three months and Trump will be returning to social media with his platform.

“Trump will return to social media with a platform with tens of millions of users”

Stating that the social media platform owned by Donald Trump will attract tens of millions of users, Jason Miller said that the platform “Will redefine the game” stated. “Everyone will be waiting and watching what President Trump is doing.” said Miller, “But this will be his platform” said.

Jason Miller stated that he could not give detailed information about the social media platform in question for the time being; Trump held important meetings on the platform and There are many companies that support the platform. expressed. At least, according to Miller’s statements, Donald Trump does not think too small about his social media platform.

Why did Donald Trump decide to start his own social media platform?

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The 8 Funniest Posts About the 2020 US Presidential Election

As you know, Donald Trump preferred Twitter over traditional media to make official statements during his four-year presidency. However, at the end of last year US Presidential Election during and after descriptionsCaused Trump to lose contact with social media.

Trump’s January 6 In its history, it sent its supporters to the US House of Representatives by “gasping”, so to speak, and the protests against the election results turned out of control and turned into a raid, causing social media giants to stand against Trump. Trump’s failure to back down despite all the events, throughout the election process Who put warning labels on Trump’s posts social media platforms, Trump’s official accounts by permanently blocking had ended.

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