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Steam Will Not Release The Upcoming Super Seducer 3

by tenderpuls

Valve blocked the game named Super Seducer 3 from being released on Steam. The thing that led to the banning of the game, which was added to the wish list by 62,000 people to date, was the obscene images of real people in the game.

World’s most popular online gaming platform Steamhas given up on selling a game that is expected to be released in the near future. “Super Seducer 3The reason why this game named “was not wanted to be sold was that it contained obscene images of real people.”

Super Seducer 3 at the beginning of the project Richard la ruinaIt’s a cinematic game. The subject of the game, which is created by animating real people, is trying to be together with the female characters in the game. However, the items in the game contain slightly exaggerated scenes and even erotic it was in the movie category. Although Ruina did her best, she was not able to get Super Seducer 3 released on Steam.

Approximately 62 thousand people were waiting for the release of Super Seducer 3

Richard La Ruina, who made a statement on the subject, said that Valve said they will do whatever they want, but somehow persuasion what they could not says. Stating that they have repeatedly made changes to the game and sent them for approval over and over again, Ruina explained that as a result of the meeting with Valve, an agreement could not be reached and the game could not be published on Steam. The producer, who announced that the listing page of the game on Steam was deleted, according to the latest data 62 thousand people He said he added Super Seducer 3 to his wish list.


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In fact, Super Seducer is a game series. In this context, the first two episodes of the series released in 2018 and 2019 are already on Steam. available for purchase. However, the third episode of the series was withdrawn from Steam after an agreement could not be reached. Connecting the event with dessert it does not seem possible players keep counting the days to buy Super Seducer 3 one way or the other.

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