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PS3, PSP and Vita Online Stores Are Closing Permanently

by tenderpuls

Sony, which recently decided to close the PS4 Player Communities, started to corner the players altogether with its final decision. With the release of PlayStation 5, it has been criticized by many players for starting to withdraw support from its old platforms.

PlayStation 5 Sony’s official game sales, which continued its official game sales until the announcement date, PlayStation 3 Many players have begun to express their reactions on the platforms as they will withdraw their support and close the online store permanently.

Especially GTA: San Andreas PS Vita was really cut out for. Although the PS Vita did not attract much attention after its release, the market has started to revive recently due to the handheld console turning into an emulator. COVID-19 Economic crises on a global scale due to the pandemic direct users towards the old generation consoles. However, the players are very annoyed, especially when gaming giants such as Sony ignore this crisis and persistently direct the players to the next generation consoles.

PSP and PlayStation 3 stores are closing on July 2, 2021

PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 Those who hold their games in order to still be able to play will be very upset. The console was actually extremely valuable, especially since almost every game that came out on PS4 was also on PS3. When you look now, PlayStation 3, which is seen as Sony’s “most successful job” by console lovers, is in a word “will be killed“It’s pretty sad to have”. The PS3 Online store, the legendary console in the Sony PlayStation series, literally closes on July 2, 2021. Of course, this is largely now the console throw soil on means.


Playstation 4 Communities Shut Down in April

On August 27, 2021 PS Vita The online store will be closed. The hearts of those who use their Vita as a game simulator will remain broken. Sony making these radical decisions and PlayStation 4 The fact that it minced the player community so quickly is obviously turning its eyes to PS5 sales. The company’s doing such an aggressive product study may be due to the fact that PS5 sales were not quite as targeted in the first quarter of the year. Under normal conditions, closing the year 2020 with its own records and its rival XboxSony doubled the 18 million He may be worried about not reaching sales volume.

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