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Pqueen Became the 2nd Most Viewed Publisher of Last Week

by tenderpuls
Pqueen, Twitch'te Geçtiğimiz Haftanın En Çok Görüntülenen 2. Yayıncısı Oldu

Late last week Mansur Yavaş’l to twitch.tv Pque of the broadcast that had left its mark on Turkey’s agenda. According to the StreamsCharts report between 15-21 March, it turned out that he missed the 1st place with a tiny margin.

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Hosted Mansur Yavaş on his channel Pqueen perhaps at the ground on several issues in Turkey’s history. #Capital of Green Starting a live broadcast for support of the project, after the record was unlost the twitch.tv Turkey has set a new record. the most watched live broadcast took up his record in Turkey.

Another “first of all is still ongoing repercussions of the publication in Turkey” 15-21 March Pqueen became the second most watched broadcaster in the world in Twitch.TV broadcast statistics. In first place QuackityHQ with Twitch.TV streamer Pqueen there are only 989 people difference between them. However, weekly in the top 10 For the first time in a long time, a Turkish publisher is involved.

Mansur Yavaş is opening his own channel soon

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