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More Than 700 PS2 Content That Has Never Been Released

by tenderpuls

Dedicated to protecting video games and media, Hidden Palace has released more than 700 content that has not been produced and published for Playstation 2 with a new project called Project Deluge.

In the project, which started with the initiative of a single person, video games and demos that were not discovered and remained as prototypes were brought to light. There are also popular game series that we have never seen or that have remained as a demo. 900 GB an archive has been shared. Although it seems very sad that 752 games have not been experienced for so many years, it is also happy to be able to access this archive after years.

The team for years CD-R and DVD-R It somehow managed to recover the contents from storage devices that cannot last for a long time and deteriorate rapidly. E3 The games presented in fairs such as “hidden treasureIt is described as ”. It should be noted that it is a great job to be able to bring this many games to the surface.

There are too many prototypes to research

There are too many prototypes to research, according to the Hidden Palace team. Team SEGA, Nintendo Trying to reach prototypes for game consoles such as. Right now, Playstation 2 Content created for is just the tip of the iceberg. The huge archive, which includes prototypes of games such as Final Fantasy X, is publicly released.


PlayStation 2’s 20th Anniversary Hidden Feature Revealed

Twitch.TV Announcing the games in the live broadcast via; It also includes prototype and demo versions of games such as God of War 2, Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2. It is also stated that the team, which recovered 900 GB of files in 1 year, continues to strive for more.

If you want to access the list of games, you can click here.

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