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LoL Skins for Movies, TV Series and Comics

by tenderpuls

There are a number of games in the game world that can advance the Skin (Costume) business this much. League of Legends, which is one of these games; He has many Skins that he references to comics, pop culture items, movies, TV shows, and other games. In this content, we take a closer look at LoL Skins inspired by popular culture.

Dethroning Dota MOBA the favorite of the games and the most popular League of Legendsmanages to surpass its rivals in every respect. In LoL, which has created a unique job especially in terms of character customization; Many of the popular characters referring to popular culture, TV shows, movies, and more Skin has.

Take hold of old folk tales; A reference to the legendary movies of our age, series, comics and many other successful jobs that we can think of. LoL SkinWe can find. If you are ready, we have compiled for you all together LoL Skins with reference to popular culture Let’s take a closer look.

LoL Skins with reference to popular culture:

  • Jaximus
  • Bad Wolf Warwick
  • Annie in Wonderland
  • Pungent Lulu
  • Ezreal from Nottingham
  • Desert Baron Rumble
  • King rammus
  • Demacia Vice Garen
  • Frozen Shen
  • Chosen One Master
  • Musketeer Twisted Fate
  • Uncle Ryze
  • Grisakal Veigar
  • Doctor Kennen
  • Flowing Akali
  • British Fiddlesticks
  • Count Kledula
  • Nosferatu Vladimir
  • Nunu and the Willump Monster
  • War Bunny Riven


The Jaximus skin directly appears as a Jax Skin, whose name shows us which popular culture character was inspired by it. Russell Crowe’s Gladiator Jaximus, inspired by his unforgettable character Maximus, brings a nice touch to our game by bringing a character that everyone is familiar with, although he does not have special effects.

Bad Wolf Warwick

Bad Wolf Warwick

Bad Wolf Warwick, Red Riding Hood The funniest of the three costumes inspired by the story. In this skin image, which represents the moment when the evil wolf in the story disguises himself as Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother, we also see a small photo of Annie with Red Riding Hood who appeared in the same series. Another Skin appearing in this series is Sion the Lumberjack dressed as the lumberjack who saved Little Red Riding Hood.

Annie in Wonderland

Annie in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland, It is a children’s book that we all know and whose references we see everywhere. Alice in Wonderland is one of the most important works that ate the bread of popular culture in Wonderland. None other than Annie could play the role of Alice in League. The terrifying Tibbers disguised as a bunny next to Annie seems to represent the terrifying theories about Alice in Wonderland.

Pungent Lulu

Gretel with the pungent Lulu Hansel

Another Skin Punchy Lulu on our list, inspired by old folk tales, Hansel and Gretel It represents the witch who has a sugar house in the story. It is a nice detail that a sweet Yordle character like Lulu disguises herself as an evil witch. Although a terrible werewolf Warwick can be a grandmother, Lulu may well be an evil witch.

Ezreal from Nottingham

zelda ezreal

Ezreal Skin from Nottingham is one of the most popular games in the game world. Legend of Zelda takes you on a journey to the land. Ezreal from Nottingham, inspired by Legend of Zelda’s main character Link, also has similarities to Robin Hood.

Desert Baron Rumble

desert baron rammus skin

Among the LoL Skins are many skins that refer to one of the most popular post-apocalyptic movie franchise of our time, Mad Max. One of the highlights of these Skins is Desert Baron Rumble. Mad Max: Fury Road Desert Baron Rumble, inspired by the lead villain Immorten Joe in his movie, also has Badlands in its English original title. This Badlands jewelry is a reference to the famous vast desert in Mad Max: Fury Road.

King Rammus

rammus mario bowser

Every time you look at the King Rammus Skin “I remember this from somewhere”You are right, your eyes do not mislead you. For King Rammus, the troublemaker of many of us in childhood Super mario Inspired by the boss Bowser. By purchasing King Rammus, you can also trouble other players, just like Bowser did before you.

Demacia Vice Garen

miami vice garen

The unforgettable 1980s television series Miami Viceis still seen frequently in popular culture. Riot Games also brings the mood and colors of this popular series to our game with Demacia Vice Garen and Demacia Vice Lucian costumes. These two costumes represent the beloved duo Detective Crockett and Detective Tubbs on the Miami Vice series.

Frozen Shen

sub zero shen

There is undoubtedly one character that comes to mind every time we see Frozen Shen; he’s from Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero. Although not officially listed, likely due to copyright, Frozen Shen looks almost like a clone of Sub-Zero. Another Skin of Shen, Shen in Yellow Jacket, is also inspired by Scorpion in Mortal Kombat.

Chosen One Master

jedi master yi star wars skin

The series, which is in such popular culture, is among the movie submissions. Star Wars It would not have been possible without references to the series. While the Chosen One Master Yi generally represents the Jedi in Star Wars, the Dark Force Jayce costume also represents the Sith Lords in the series.

Musketeer Twisted Fate

three musketeers twisted fate

By Alexandre Dumas Three Musketeers we see references from his novel almost everywhere. LoL does not miss out on some of the Three Musketeers-themed Skins. Although there is an irony that the Three Musketeers actually have four, in LoL in this theme; There are three different Skins: Musketeer Twisted Fate, Royal Guard Fiora, and Nefer Gangplank.

Uncle Ryze

uncle sam ryze

Uncle Ryze Skin is one of the most obvious references to be found in LoL. The posters posted by the USA to recruit soldiers during the First and Second World War Uncle Sam The Uncle Ryze costume, inspired by the figure, also carries the American Declaration of Independence on its back.

Grisakal Veigar

gandalf veigar

A wizard with a gray beard and a prick flying on a great eagle… We can all guess who he is. The Gray Beard Veigar Skin representing Gandalf Gray Lord of the Rings one of the most obvious references to the series. This series also includes costumes such as Zebani Vel’Koz, which represents Sauron’s eye, and Aksakal Ryze, this time representing Gandalf the White.

Doctor Kennen

house md kennen

Doctor Kennen, originally known as Kennen MD, comes across as a clear reference to the much-loved Fox series House MD. Although he is a Yordle, Doctor Kennen, who is likened to Doctor Gregory House, House MD makes lovers smile.

Flowing Akali

kill bill akali skin

It has become an icon in the film world and popular culture Kill Bill We still remember the costume that The Bride wore during the massacre. When we look at the Deşergeçer Akali Skin, we see The Bride’s memorable yellow costume.

British Fiddlesticks

Ripper Jack Fiddlesticks

British Fiddlesticks, originally named Union Jack Fiddlesticks, is perhaps the most famous serial killer in history. Jack the RipperIt represents. No one but Fiddlesticks could portray Jack the Ripper, who committed blood-chilling murders and became one of the best-known serial killers.

Count Kledula

dracula kled skin

Count Kledula, who makes a smile by his name and is an obvious reference to Dracula, Dracula It comes across as perhaps the most funny and fun of many costumes with the concept. The Dracula theme includes costumes such as Count Kassadin, Count Vladimir, and Marquess Vladimir, representing Dracula’s son Alucard.

Nosferatu Vladimir

Nosferatu Vladimir

One of the few classics of horror cinema and an expressive rewriting of Dracula shot in German cinema Nosferatu also finds a place for itself in LoL. Nosferatu Vladimir appears in the guise of the terrible Count Orlok in the film.

Nunu and the Willump Monster

Nunu and the Monster of Willump monsters inc

The much-loved Pixar movie Monsters Inc.Nunu and the Willump Monster, who are directly referring to, bring us back to our childhood days. In this sweet LoL Skin, she appears as Nunu Boo and Willump disguises herself as Sullivan.

War Bunny Riven

playboy bunny riven

Playboy Thanks to the magazine, rabbits are reflected in the popular culture in a completely different way. The War Bunny Riven Skin is also a direct reference to the Playboy Bunny we all know.

Referring to popular culture LoL SkinWe have come to the end of our content of which we have listed. There are hundreds of costumes in LoL that make different references. Naturally, it is impossible to gather all of these under one heading. That’s why we tried to convey to you your LoL Skins that refer to known things that we usually see in our daily lives. You can also share your favorite LoL Skins with us in the comments section.

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