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Earthquake Tracking Application where you can see the last earthquakes immediately

by tenderpuls

In 2020 in the world and the earthquake that occurred in Turkey, unsettling for all of us that we located the earthquake zone. We have prepared our content on earthquake tracking applications, where you can follow the latest earthquakes.

Earthquakeis the painful and extremely important truth of our country and the world. Turkey, is located in the area between the Arab-African-Eurasian plate. It should be our duty to take pre-disaster measures both individually and socially. Well, we should always ask ourselves and our environment questions such as how we meet these tasks, what kind of precautions we take against earthquakes.

Keeping track of recent earthquakes is a common action we have been doing, especially due to the sad and painful earthquakes we have experienced recently. For this reason, we are also in the App Store and Google Play. From the applications that you can follow the latest earthquakes instantly We have come up with a list. Thanks to this list that we have prepared specially for Webtekno followers, you will be able to reach the last earthquakes instantly.

Earthquake tracking applications you can follow the latest earthquakes:

  • Earthquake Information System & Warning
  • eAFAD
  • Earthquake
  • Earthquake Network
  • LastQuake
  • Recent Earthquakes
  • Earthquake M4.5 +
  • Vibration Meter
  • Where Is The Earthquake?
  • My Earthquake Alerts

Earthquake Information System & Warning with different sources and different languages:

  • Score: 4.4
  • Developer: Avni Sağıroğlu

Earthquake Information System & Warning application, the ability to set instant notifications unlimitedly, earthquake magnitude with maps It has features such as displaying to users, filtering, sharing data with users from many different sources such as Kandilli, USGS, EMSC, GEONet, GFZ Geozon. The application also has many different language options and different bulletins.

  • Earthquake Information System & Warning


EAFAD against earthquakes and other disasters:


  • Score: 3.3
  • Developer: AFAD

EAFAD, AFAD’s information application, is an application where warnings and precautions are shared in earthquakes and all other disasters. Application that provides earthquake information to users, other disasters caused by the earthquake (tsunami, flood, rock fall, landslide etc.) offers users. We recommend the eAFAD application, which is available free of charge in the stores, as an official application of AFAD.

You can export earthquake data to Google Earth and derivative applications with Earthquake:


  • Score: 4.7
  • Developer: Nico tranquilli

More than 3 million usersEarthquake, an application that offers many different options such as instant notifications, color maps, many alternative languages, Apple Watch support, different bulletins, and which we can recommend to you as extremely useful, also supports its users in issues such as transferring data to Google Earth and derivative programs. We recommend Earthquake, one of the most effective earthquake programs on the market.

Earthquake Network with a notification system according to seismic waves:

Earthquake Network

  • Score: 4.3
  • Developer: Francesco Finazzi

Earthquake Network, using smartphone networks detects earthquakes in real time. This application, which claims to inform the earthquake seconds in advance, includes features such as notifying the felt earthquake and presenting earthquake information to users from many different sources. Earthquake Network application, one of the popular earthquake applications, is completely free of charge on the App Store and Google Play Store.

User notified LastQuake:


  • Score: 4.7
  • Developer: EMSC

Euro-Mediterranean Seismology Center ”An official application of LastQuake, unlike other applications, it uses a different method to detect earthquakes. This method; It is a method based on a system created by people who first felt the earthquake, supported by images and filled out questionnaires. Backed by real-time information and data, LastQuake is one of the powerful apps on our list with its score and reliability.

Recent Earthquakes where you can filter earthquake notifications according to their severity:

Recent Earthquakes

  • Score: 4.4
  • Developer: Efecan Puffed

Presenting the latest data from various sources to its users Latest Earthquakes appStands out with its UI design. In the application, which offers a feature that you can filter the notifications sent to your phone according to the severity of the earthquakes, various notification options are offered to the users. In this application, which displays earthquakes in different colors, you will be able to access earthquake data at your location or elsewhere on the map.

Earthquake M4.5 + where you can learn earthquake and nuclear power plant risks together:

Earthquake M4.5 +

  • Score: 4.0
  • Developer: KAZUYUKI TAJIMA

Kazuyuki Tajima, who has developed an application that includes earthquakes and nuclear power plants, presents a map showing the last earthquakes in the world. Earthquake data From the US Geological Survey earthquakes of 4.5 and above are shown in this application. The application, which shows the nuclear power plants close to the earthquake zone to the users, transfers the data about the nuclear power plants from Wikipedia.

Vibration Meter that measures and graphs earthquakes:

Vibration Meter

  • Score: 3.9
  • Developer: EXA Mobile

An application that shows earthquakes with graphical measurements Vibration Meterprovides the recording and graphically reflects the waves of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, avalanches and other seismic vibrations. The premium subscription of the application, which also has an area where you can reach the last earthquakes, can be used with ads off.

  • Vibration Meter


  • Vibration Meter


When you catch an earthquake or want to learn Earthquake Where is always with you:

Where is the earthquake

  • Score: 4.7
  • Developer: Berkant Begdilili

You can view the last 500 earthquakes instantly Earthquake Where is an application which can be viewed according to the magnitude, date, depth, latitude and longitude of the earthquakes. Other features in the application; Whistle and lantern feature, to indicate to the people on the list that they are safe with or without internet, the list of things that should be in the earthquake bag.

My Earthquake Alerts that you can instantly learn about past and instant earthquakes

My Earthquake Alerts

  • Score: 4.7
  • Developer: JRustonApps BV

The application called My Earthquake Alerts with a nice red design, You can view earthquakes up to 1970. You can learn the exact location, depth and distance of earthquakes, and instantly access the information of all earthquakes in the world. My Earthquake Alerts, which offer customized free and instant alerts to users, are among the nice applications that we can recommend to you with a good score.

  • My Earthquake Alerts


  • My Earthquake Alerts


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