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We Tried Powering iPhone 12 Pro with 3310 Battery

by tenderpuls

Until today iPhone 12 Pro We examined, we took a look at the innovations and technical features of the phone together. On the other hand, the years that cannot be worn and the new generation smartphones do not have 3310 We explained its features. Now it’s time to bring the two generations together.

The grandfather of the telephone world, 3310 its battery, one of the youngest grandchildren What happens if we connect it to iPhone 12 Pro We wondered, and we prepared a video looking for an answer. Let’s take a look at how this question, which has only one answer in theory, works in practice.

A solid battery can run any phone with proper connections:

In fact, the answer to the question we ask is quite simple in theory; if properly connected any solid battery possible to power any phone. In order to realize this in practice, we first heated the iPhone 12 Pro and separated the display panel from the back panel and disconnected the device from its own battery.

Later, it came to the part of connecting the battery to the iPhone 12 Pro, which offers weeks of battery life when used on the 3310. At this point, things went well and did not We managed to connect properly. Although it sounds strange, as a result of all these processes, the iPhone 12 Pro We managed to operate with the 3310 battery. But of course we encountered some minor problems at the performance point.

If you wonder what steps we follow while operating the iPhone 12 Pro with its 3310 battery and how the phone performs with this battery, you can watch our video.

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