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by tenderpuls

We are returning to the “real legend Vice City” of GTA, the popular game series of Rockstar Games, which gives a completely different direction to the world of action adventure games. Have you ever thought about why GTA Vice City, which changed the game world in 2001, is such an important game? In order to understand Grand Theft Auto: Vice City well, there is a very important job we need to do first, and that is to observe the development of GTA. Although GTA 3 may seem like the beginning of the story, the real story actually starts with the GTA 1 series and GTA 2. Let’s start talking about GTA.

Giving a completely different direction to the world of action adventure games Rockstar Games of the popular game series GTA “to the real legend Vice City“We are returning again. Have you ever thought about why GTA Vice City, which changed the game world in 2001, is such an important game?

In order to understand Grand Theft Auto: Vice City well, there is a very important job we need to do first, and that is to observe the development of GTA. GTA 3 Although it seems like the beginning of the story, the real story actually starts with the GTA 1 series and GTA 2. let’s GTALet’s start talking about.

The GTA 1 Series and the Birth of GTA 2

1997 Grand Theft Auto, emerging in 1999 Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 and immediately after Grand Theft Auto: London 1961 attracted considerable attention around the world. Sprite As a result of transforming pictures into games, a true crime game joins the video games industry. The game was met with reaction by many game review editors of the period. If you think about it, there was a video game that entered the criminal industry in England, you could steal vehicles and shoot people. An unfamiliar process was running in the arcade games industry.


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The 4th game of the series made an incredible entrance to the market. GTA 2, It jumped into the PC and console environment in 1999. Based on the entry games of the GTA series, the game really entered with a very successful story and graphics compared to its period. Gang wars and crime were widespread in the game. With our character, we had the chance to take charge from the phone booths that we are used to from the current GTA games, to create chaos in the city, to find a tank and follow the SWAT team, to escape from the cops by painting vehicles and to join the gangs. With TNT graphics cards In GTA 2, which we could play quite comfortably, there was also someone who was very willing to assign us a task. Kill Frenzy so Claude speed. The game sold incredibly well for its period and still continues to sell today.

GTA 3 Changes the Structure of the Game World

Of the 3D game world at the end of the gates Rockstar Games was opened for. The team, with real pictures and a very successful 3D modeling compared to the period, really chaotic had opened its doors. Even those who did not know the name of GTA until this period With GTA 3 they have stepped into this world. GTA incite crime Aside from that, it was the only production that clearly showed all the bad sides of this dark world to the actors. This game, which emerged in 2001, was really confusing in many ways, as it was showing how a game studio could grow from 1997 to 2001.


Brand New Versions of GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas with Ray Tracing Technology

Open world concept (not as we know it today), in GTA 3 With claude we were stepping into the criminal world and gangs together. Jumping etc. in the game. the functions were not working as we had imagined. In addition, in 2001, let alone a game with a similar concept, there was no such an active game in urban functions. The only thing known is the length, story and unique mechanics of the game, Liberty City once struck people’s minds.

GTA Vice City enters the market and breaks all taboos

Firstly in 2002 Playstation 2 GTA Vice City, which debuted for the market, exploded like a bomb. That makes a game every year Rockstar Games For this reason, for the first time, he stopped playing for 2 years. While we think we will enjoy a great beach on the beaches of Miami, in the city looking for Sony Forelli’s money Tommy vercetti We were left alone with his character. An incredibly large map from GTA 3 Vice city his map greeted us. Beautiful women, drug lords, gun smugglers and more, Haiti became visible in the game.


Rockstar Games Demands to Uninstall Fan Made GTA 3 and Vice City

Our Italian character named Tommy Vercetti Al pacinostarring Scarface He made us live almost every moment of it. All of the popular music, dressing styles, human lives of the 80s met in Vice City. Apart from the atmosphere of the game, there was a very important feature of it, “their ability to move as close to reality.” It could get on the list of revolutionary jobs for the game world as well. Rockstar Games It would have an important place in the history of world video games with its feature of being the company that uses so many motion functions in the open world. In addition, an illegal game was made in 2002 in a style that no game company dared to do.

In short, what did we do in Vice City? “Hmmm Nice Bike…”

Vice cityProbably, none of us can forget the motorcycle we saw in the first mission. Returning to Tommy; “Hmmm nice bike” After that scene he said, we meet the Colonel’s daughter. With the passing of a few hot conversations, the game is actually functional and the boat and so on. we have the vision that we can swim the vehicles. We are getting involved with the Italian mafia, or we are falling apart with the Colombians. We get involved in many illegal jobs by being a trigger, a courier, a gangster and many more. The game is at the end of the day “Nuttertools” It begins to act as we write. For the first time, we buy a place in the game and start operating. We buy our own house, even the Malibu Club.

The only “Helicopter Mission” that we all never forget is a big place in our minds. Despite trying many times, we cannot pass, cannot pass and cannot pass. In the finale, we become the sole owner of Vice City with Tommy. The game takes our incredible time with its story and dialogues. By the way Is there anyone who doesn’t pull the car to the beach and listen to music while it’s raining in Vice City?

So why did Vice City become a legend?

Why Gta Vice City Legend

Firstly Back to the 80s and the atmosphere of the game was one of the greatest content that would make it legendary. However, there were no such atmospheric adventure games during the period. However, it should be noted that GTA Vice City was about real gangsters rather than today’s gangsters. In fact, this is the content that attracts the actors most, even today, in the nostalgic atmosphere we have received as a period. GTA Vice City The game had the opportunity to become more popular as a result of recommending this game to the generation below the first generation that played.


The date that GTA 5 will come to PlayStation 5 is revealed

Antique The fact that the game was “moddable” in a short time, rather than the time we spent in vehicles, made it win the players all over the world. We guess there is no one who does not remember the GTA Vice City Hawk mod. However, the illegal opening of the game “multiplayer servers” encouraged many players to play Vice City. So personally, I can say that I prefer GTA Vice City multiplayer game server to GTA 5 right now. Think about 2004 emerged in GTA San Andreas in the first place GTA Vice City could not break its popularity. In fact, it varies which game is more legendary for many players, but GTA Vice City has caused great changes in today’s game world.


Statement by Take-Two CEO about GTA 6

Players of a game with illegal content does not negatively affect appeared. For this reason, game companies, influenced by this experiment of Vice City, started to make games with a wider perspective. Again, in the open world concept, game companies have had serious gains in terms of how long the players spend and have fun. RPG even games gave an idea that “long story” games were more interesting. In short, GTA Vice City is due to the gains it has left in the players and the vision it has brought to the game companies.LEGEND”Deserved to be. What do you think about this issue? Also, what should be the next “Legendary Game” that you would like us to review? Please specify in the comments.

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