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Nusret Sold One Of His Tweets With NFT For 6 Thousand Dollars

by tenderpuls
Nusret, Bir Tweetini NFT ile 6 Bin Dolara Sattı

Nusret Gökçe, the restaurant operator who gained worldwide fame with the salt planting movement, sold one of his tweets with NFT for 6 thousand dollars. Nusret’s tweet dated 2017 was put up for sale on the platform called Valuables.

We have heard the name frequently lately To NFT the interest continues to increase day by day. Blockchain NFTs, one of the biggest innovations that technology has brought to our lives; it helps to sell a piece of art, a tweet, a video, a comment or an Instagram story online.

Football player before Happy Ozil future boots and jersey designs, YouTuber Logan Paul Pokemon cards, Elon Of Musk partner Grimes music videos, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet via NFT. The last celebrity who has joined the unavoidable NFT craze recently is the owner of the famous meat restaurant chain. Nusret Gokce happened.

Nusret sold a tweet he shared in 2017 for $ 6,000:

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