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Google Pixel 6 can come with an under-display fingerprint reader

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Pixel 6, the new smartphone Google will introduce in the coming months, may come with an under-screen fingerprint reader, according to the latest news. What led to this claim is a small reference discovered in the Android 12 developer beta.

Google, one of the popular names in the smartphone world, is approaching the day when it will introduce its next smartphone. Naturally, it will be Google’s new smartphone News about Pixel 6 also started to come out slowly. A report released today shows that Google will bring the Pixel series to an under-screen camera.

a developer named ‘kdrag0n’, Android 12 encountered a reference in the beta version of the operating system available to developers. In the codes of the operating system ‘UdfpsControllerGoogle‘There was a reference with the name. ‘Udfps’ at the beginning of this reference,’under-display fingerprint scannerIt was a shortened version of.

Phone specific reference:

Where the reference was discovered is the com.google.android.systemui folder. According to XDA Developers, the reference is in this folder, this is not for Android 12 in general, A reference made for the Pixel phone shows that. Of course, the fact that the code was discovered in the beta version of the operating system does not mean that Google will definitely offer an under-screen fingerprint reader.

Still, this emerging reference strengthened the claims made earlier with the discoveries. In February, Mishaal Rahman from XDA Developers team, in the first developer preview version of Android 12 both under-screen fingerprint reader and face recognition system He shared the codes showing that he would have it.


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Google is likely to introduce its new smartphone Pixel 6 in October of this year will introduce. Therefore, we can say that it is not right to give exact information about the phone right now. However, as the weeks progress, new news will show what to expect from the Pixel 6.

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