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Godzilla vs. Action-Filling New Trailer Arrives From Kong

by tenderpuls

A new trailer has been released from the long-awaited Godzilla vs Kong. The new trailer of the movie, which created great excitement with the first trailer that was first released about two months ago, revealed that we are facing a production that we will get full of action.

The long-awaited, long-awaited, where two iconic characters will come face to face and show off their trumps Godzilla vs. Kong‘s meeting with the audience is now quite a short time. Godzilla etc., which created great excitement due to both the first trailer released and the announcements about the film. From Kong a brand new trailer came.

As the main characters were the two most famous monsters in the world, we expected that the action dose of this movie would be quite high. The first trailer released is more highlighting the story of the movie But of course it was like a preparation for the tension-filled scenes we were going to watch. The new trailer released today puts us in the city where Godzilla and King Kong fought. revealed the dimensions of the action.

There will be a winner, but who?

Godzilla vs. With a recent news report about Kong, an important statement came from the director of the film, and we shared it with you. According to this statement, there will be a winner and a loser at the end of this great war. However, of course, it is not possible to know who this winner is yet. Still, in both trailers King Kong’s’Savior of people against Godzilla danger ‘ We can say that an impression was created that it is This usually means that if we look at the history of films that the hero won in the end, He can take it to King Kong.

It is worth mentioning another detail that comes up with the new trailer. At the end of the trailer That we see Godzilla reflected in his eye and there is a character that terrifies him. As mentioned in many of the previous claims about this character in the movie Mechagodzilla thought to be. The film somehow to defeat this evil enemy as Godzilla and Kong’s one they will fight together It is a claim at this point that it will be shaped over a scenario. However, it doesn’t sound like an unexpected move from a movie at all.


According to Science, Which Won The Godzilla vs Kong War?

We have to wait a little longer to see which scenario and which end will come true. Godzilla vs. Kong will meet with its audience on HBO Max and in theaters on March 30. Let’s get your ideas before watching the movie, do you think Godzlla vs. Who will be Kong’s winner?

Godzilla vs. Kong’s new trailer:

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