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14 Hidden Commands You Can Use in Google Search

by tenderpuls

Being one of the most popular search engines in the world, Google also manages to surprise its users with some secret commands. You can get strange search results, games and much more using some Google tricks. Moreover, it is possible to do all this on your mobile device.

The engineers of Google, which is a big digital giant today, on its journey as a search engine, have managed to plant some surprise eggs in Google even amidst all this work. Called google cheats or easter egg For these surprises you need to know some secret commands. Google tricks With you, you can have surprising results and even fun games on your screen.

With strange results with Google tricks There are commands you can use on many third-party websites and desktop versions. However, we have included commands that you can only see on mobile devices. It Google tricks Thanks to you, you will discover the surprise eggs of the beloved search engine, be surprised most of the time, but always have fun.

Warp the screen with askew: askew

The word askew means crooked, distorted, and sidetracked in English. I don’t know where they came from, via Google askew when you search for the word the screen lies one click to the right and you see the search results on this crooked screen.

For an infinite loop: recursion


The word recursion means repetition and repetition in English. It is unknown where this came from, via Google recursion When you search for the word ‘Did you mean this?’ With the warning, the word recursion appears again. Yeah every time you touch it because I called it again and again with the same screen you meet It makes you doubt yourself.

the answer to life the universe and everything

We know we can find anything and everything on Google, including the secrets of the universe. Via Google “the answer to life the universe and everything ” when you search for a sentence The number 42 will appear in response. This answer is actually a reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. The number 42 is mentioned in the book as the key to everything. Why not?

Roll the screen like this: do a barrel roll

do a barrel roll

The rotation of the planes around their own axis is called ‘do a barrel roll’ in English. If via Google do a barrel roll If you search for the word before reaching the results page your screen will turn like this one full turn and only then will you be able to access the results page. It can be annoying at times.

Avoid monsters with Pacman: pacman


The legendary game Pacman is back. And without downloading any program or mobile application, just You can play on Google. All you have to do is via Google pacman Search for the word and open the Google Doodle. Avoid the monsters as much as you can.

Get the fun of the legendary snake game: play snake

play snake

Of course not like the Nokia 3310 snake, but also via Google It is possible for you to play the legend snake game. Via Google play snake Search for the words and tap the Play button. Grow your snake by eating as many apples as you can.

Win the XOX game: X O X


To play Tic Tac Toe game known as XOX in our country, via Google “X O X” it will be enough to search. Game at one of the easy, medium and impossible levels push your limits by playing. It is even possible to play the game with a friend if you wish.

Decrypt WWII password: Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park

World War II is not only a bloody stain in world history, but also has unresolved secrets. One of the unraveled secrets is the passwords given to the regions for the purpose of bombing. Via Google “Bletchley Park ” When you make a call, this is the enigma password of the region will be released. The feature of Bletchley Park is that it is the place where the Nazis are deciphered.

once in a blue moon

The event of seeing a full moon twice in a month is called the blue moon. Via Google “once in a blue moon ” When you search for the sentence, you will see a transaction. If you convert this process from hertz to years You get 2.7 years. This means that there is a blue moon event every 2.7 years.

Feel the love of math:

google cheats

What does the above equation mean to you? Don’t waste your time solving it and search directly on Google or click on it. In front of you the most loving state of mathematics will be released. Google cheats warm the hearts too.

Stop carrying dice with you (i.e., if one does): roll a dice

rool a dice

Those who want to feel the touch of fate with dice no longer have to deal with carrying dice. Via Google “rool a dice ” search for the word and Roll the dice to your heart’s content. In addition to the dice we know, expand the playing field of destiny with dice with 10, 12 or even 20 corners.

No more searching for coins to flip heads: flip a coin

flip a coin

Among the Google tricks, it is one of the real life savers. When there is a need to flip heads search for a coin. No more searching for coins. Via Google “flip a coin ” search for the sentence and toss it to your heart’s content.

Set your own rhythm: metronome


The best way to keep a steady rhythm is to use a metronome device. Fortunately Google cheats exist and we can do everything digitally. Via Google “metronome ” When you search for the word, you will see the metronome tool. After setting the BPM interval you want, you can start the rhythm.

How about playing the Wheel of Fortune? spinner


Although it is not the magnificent presentation of Mehmet Ali Erbil, via Google “spinner ” when you search for the word a little wheel of fortune game You may encounter with. Turn the wheel by specifying fields from 2 to 12 and see which number will come to your luck. You can even have a small competition with your friends.

It will allow you to have a pleasant time with a few simple searches on Google, and you can try it on mobile devices. the funniest Google tricks and we have listed the hidden commands. If you know a cheat that’s not on the list, you can share it in the comments.

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