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Starlink Users Reach 400 Mbps Connection Speed

by tenderpuls

According to the screenshots shared by Starlink users, broadband internet service from the satellite managed to reach connection speeds of 400 Mbps. However, the speed offered by the service sometimes decreases to 250 Mbps. Yes, this has fallen …

Last month, who made a new presentation to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) SpaceXThe ultimate download speed target for the worldwide satellite broadband internet service Starlink 10 Gbps had reported that it was. Although the company is far from this target for now, it continues to increase the maximum speed limit with sure steps.

According to some screenshots shared on Reddit recently, some Starlink beta users, 400 Mbps they have reached their download speed. Considering that in a tweet shared by Elon Musk in early March, Starlink said that they will increase the internet speed to 300 Mbps, we can say that 400 Mbps is impressive even for SpaceX.

Some Starlink users said they reached 400 Mbps internet speed

According to the information provided by Starlink users, the connection speed is throughout the week. It ranged from 400 Mbps to 250 Mbps. Therefore, although it is certain that the connection speed is above the 150 Mbps promised by Starlink, it is seen that fixed super speed internet is not yet in question. Still, the screenshots shared are quite impressive in terms of seeing the potential of Starlink.

For those who do not know; SpaceX is already in Earth orbit as part of the Starlink project. Over 1,300 satellites has sent. Beta users can connect with these satellites by installing the Starlink kits they have purchased and can provide a broadband internet network from the satellite.


SpaceX Unstoppable: 180 Starlink Satellites Sent to Space in March (120 More to Go)

Starlık currently has just over 1,300 satellites, but in the future the number of satellites will reach 12 thousand. Starlink, which currently promises 50-150 Mbps internet speed and 20-40 ms latency; As it continues to launch satellites, install new ground stations, and increase network optimizations, it will begin to offer Gbps-level internet speeds. At least the plans are in this direction.

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