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Special Instagram Version Coming for Kids Under 13

by tenderpuls

It turned out that Facebook is trying to create a special version of Instagram for children aged 13 and under. Commenting on the dissemination of this information, Instagram President Adam Mosseri confirmed the existence of such a project, but did not mention the details of the upcoming version.

In a content we shared with you recently, Facebook’s Instagram: from a new decision he made for we mentioned. According to this decision, adults would not be able to send messages to young children. The reason why Facebook made such a decision was to prevent sexual abuse. However, the latest news is that Facebook is the only step to take on the issue. this will not happen is showing.

According to an internal report unearthed by BuzzFeed News, Facebook is in there will only be children It aims to create a custom Instagram version. According to the report, which also gives information about the project, Instagram, which will be created for children aged 13 and under, will be supervised by Adam Mosseri, the number one name of the platform. At the beginning of the project, he worked for projects such as YouTube Kids years ago. Pavni diwanji it will be.

Developers are aware of the possibility of fake birth date entries

Keeping the virtual world under control is very is not possibleis a well-known fact. Naturally, this situation does not escape the attention of Instagram developers. According to the information obtained, the developers will create a special Instagram account for children. artificial intelligence algorithm they are developing. This algorithm will be used to identify and remove people who will become members by entering a fake birth date on the platform. However, it is not known how this algorithm will work.


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Commenting on the emergence of the plan, Instagram President Mosseri said that such a study exists. confirmed. Stating that the use of technology is spreading more and more every day, they know that minors also want to use Instagram, Mosseri explained that they will allow such a thing by ensuring the safety of children. However, “Instagram for Kids” or whatever the name will be, there is no clear planning regarding this new application. Mosseri, studies on the subject that it continues and after finding the best solution, they will put it into practice.

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