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Skyrim’s Riften City Converted to “Cheese City” with Mod

by tenderpuls

Inspired by the Tree City mod, the developers released a mod that transforms Skyrim’s Riften city into a cheese city. You can also download and apply the mod in question.

No matter how quality a game is, how abundant the content is, community-created mods add fun to the fun of games. Created by WickWah in 2019 Skyrim mod served the same purpose, and the commercial heart of his game was Whiteru. “Tree city” making it.

The mod developers decided to develop WickWah’s mod for Whiteru for the city of Riften, but with one key difference: Cheese. Instead of making the city of Riften in Skyrim a city of trees, the developers cheese city they made it. With this mod, the city is covered with smiling wheels of cheeses.

Some players may not like it, as the mod covers the city with gigantic smiling wheels of cheeses and takes the game one step further from realism. Your mood again strange visible but just as much funny It would not be wrong to say that it produced an image.

If you are a Skyrim player and want to add this interesting mod to the game here Click on it to reach the Nexus Mods page of the cheese city mod in question. also A mod that allows you to break objects in Skyrim also if you are looking here You can visit our content.

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