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Children’s Comments on the Virtual Landscaper Posting

by tenderpuls

A company working on horticulture in the UK wanted to bring its passion for gardening to the virtual environment. For this purpose, the company, which was in search of a “virtual landscape designer” to make designs in Minecraft, collected the children of the applications from the children. The comments made by young children to the job posting were even more fun than the posting itself.

One of the best selling games in the world MinecraftFrom time to time, it can be the subject of our content with various insanities. The most important of these is the maps of other games built on Minecraft. However, this time, we are here with a completely different event related to Minecraft.

More gardeners in the UK Whatshed posted a job advertisement on its website. In this published announcement, he will make designs in the Minecraft game “virtuallandscaper wanted. While the company was explaining why it opened such a job; We can’t ignore that Minecraft has more than 100 million players, so that they can bring their gardening passion to the virtual world. your best way also says Minecraft. Although the announcement and explanation are convincing, the applications made to this advertisement are much more fun.

Minecraft job posting received hundreds of applications in a matter of hours

You may be confused by Whatshed’s job posting. Because in a virtual environment landscaper to be something that has not been seen until today. According to Whatshed, people working in this line of business must be in a position to come up with the best design for a client, produce alternatives, and explain a blog they use in the designs they create. In addition, the income to be gained from this business, £ 50 an hour.


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A few hours after the job posting is posted, hundreds of application took. Most of these applications were made by “children”. The children, who took their game seriously, did not want to miss such an opportunity. However, rather than the applications made, the comments it was more fun.


For example; A brother named Emma states that he is 10 years old now and has been playing Minecraft since he was 7 years old. A boy named Nick is 12 years old, on weekends Can work 6-7 hours says. It seems that Nick, who was going to do his homework on weekdays, decided to spend his weekends working as well. Another boy named Marrat to a game console that you don’t have He says he is only 14 years old and that he can work if desired.

Coming to the job post by Whatshed the most interesting comment It was made by 15-year-old Juan. Juan said that his father was a landscaping company and that he was also interested in this issue, because he was a child. That he has a lot of free time says. Expressing that what he needed would be an e-mail from Whatshed to him, Juan states that he is waiting for that e-mail. Juan, almost “You found the employee you were looking for.“in his head.

If you also want to review the job post opened by Whatshed and the comments on that post, here You can use the link.

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