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Ruhi Çenet Immersed in Historical Shipwrecks in Çanakkale

by tenderpuls

Drawing attention with his videos and narrations, YouTuber Ruhi Çenet captured the shipwrecks of the ships deep in the strait with a drone in the 106th anniversary of Çanakkale Naval Victory.

We commemorate our martyrs once again on the 106th anniversary of our victory in Çanakkale, one of the toughest fronts of the First World War, perhaps the toughest. YouTuber Ruhi Çenet too Drone examined underwater wrecks in Çanakkale.

First to video Misinformation about the Battle of Gallipoli Çenet, which started by eliminating, also gives information about the region. Especially for those who have not been to Çanakkale before, the video also provides a list of must-see places.

Wreck of HMS Majestic

In the underwater part of the video, we first see one of the boats, called barges, used for landing from ships to the shore, sunk. Back from vehicles that once carried soldiers from the British, Indian, Anzac and other British colonies just a rusty metal skeleton is left.

16 thousand 60 tons, 128 in length, 23 in width and 8.2 meters in height HMS MajesticIt was a ship that was sent to fight on the Çanakkale Front and was shown as a floating fortress. German U21 submarine The torpedo thrown by the ship had found the boiler room of the ship.


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It is not very safe to examine such shipwrecks after the war. Going to the region with special permission YouTuber warns that there may be ammunition on the ship that has not yet exploded. The current of the strait also makes it difficult to observe.

A history lies in Çanakkale


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Ruhi Cenet and her team in the video Although using two different submarine drones HMS failed to reach Majestic. Although we had the chance to see some parts of the ship from a distance, we did not have the opportunity to examine the ship itself closely.

We gave thousands of martyrs, graves for thousands of people More stories to tell about Çanakkale, there are many areas to study. More detailed and more comprehensive documentaries will be shot in the region in the future. We respectfully commemorate all our comrades and martyrs, especially Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

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