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Radikal Verdict from WhatsApp: Support for iOS 9 Cut

by tenderpuls

There was a striking development with the “2.21.50” code version of WhatsApp published in the App Store. The application dropped support for iOS 9 with this version. However, until yesterday, iOS 9 users could also install WhatsApp. This development will put iPhone 4s users in a difficult situation.

Although it has recently been discussed over privacy principles, it continues to be the world’s most popular instant messaging application. WhatsAppmade a very radical decision. Mobile application according to the information on WhatsApp’s official website, no longer supports iOS 9. This means that WhatsApp cannot be installed on iPhone models running iOS 9 operating system.

As a matter of fact, in a content we shared with you in late 2020, it is from WhatsApp’s opinion on this subject. we mentioned. At that time, the company was saying that the minimum system requirement required to use WhatsApp was iOS 9. However, recently published in the App Store “2.21.50“The coded version caused this support to be halted. WhatsApp also updated its website in line with this development.

WhatsApp now supports iOS 10 and above

WhatsApp has ceased support for iOS 9, iPhone 4s and lower model devices will be affected by this situation. Because Apple left the iPhone 4s model in iOS 9 and did not offer the iOS 10 update to these devices. In a nutshell, an iPhone 4s user is now able to install WhatsApp via the App Store. won’t be able to.


Memorized Sentences from WhatsApp CEO: New Privacy Principles Will Not Affect the User

This incident on the WhatsApp front only for iOS users We can express that it is. The data on the website of the mobile application is 4.0.3 In case of using it, it shows that WhatsApp is supported. This is consistent with data shared a few months ago.

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