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Most Popular Players of Social Media

by tenderpuls
Somera, Türkiye'de Sosyal Medyanın En Popüler Kadın ve Erkek Oyuncularını Açıkladı

Social media is a platform that analyzes and researches Somera, Turkey’s share the most talked about players in the past one month in social media. There are names in the list, especially in popular television series.

It is a platform that follows social media trends and translates them into data and provides the most up-to-date data under many different headings. SomeraHe has released its list of most-mentioned player named on social media in Turkey.

This and similar data, especially consisting of actors in popular television series, also show us how high the rate of watching television is. So much so that every day on Twitter, at least one TV series, a program or characters in these sequences Manages to be TT. Likewise, this situation directly affects the social media influence of the actors we see on TV. The most mentioned and favorite names are starting to appear in more commercials, series or movies.

the most popular being female and male players in Turkey’s social media became apparent:

In the two lists published by Somera, there are five female and five male actors who have managed to make a name for themselves on social media in our country. The data that enables the list to be formed, February 15 – March 15 Includes dates. Let’s take a look at both of the lists;

the most popular actress in Turkey:

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