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Giant Raise From NVIDIA to GeForce NOW Global Prices

by tenderpuls

NVIDIA, one of the most important brands in the gaming industry, has raised the global prices of its cloud-based game service GeForce NOW. With the recent hikes, the monthly fee of GeForce NOW has increased by 100 percent.

NVIDIA opened this week, as Turkey also use cloud-based gaming service Geforce NOW There has been a new development about the game that will distract the gamers. NVIDIA GeForce now discussed Turkey’s more than price now increase in global prices made.

According to a new article published on NVIDIA’s official blog, the new global price of NVIDIA GeForce NOW is monthly $ 9.99, yearly $ 99.99 it will be. However, NVIDIA stated that they are aware that GeForce NOW cannot come to this day without the founding members, with a monthly fee of $ 4.99. Founders for Life He also stated that they will offer the advantage.

NVIDIA GeForce NOW global prices

  • Old price (per month): $ 4.99
  • New price (monthly): $ 9.99
  • New price (per year): $ 99.99

Now the update launch of NVIDIA’s GeForce global prices (!) together by the beginning of this week, from the moment he started to serve gamers described debated for days in Turkey GeForce NOW Game + It is also understood why the prices are relatively high.

Monthly subscription fee for GeForce NOW Game +, which operates in cooperation with Turkcell-NVIDIA. 75 TRY was announced as. Game lovers, GeForce NOW almost twice the global price They criticized the price of Game + because of the fact that it was.

All gamers downloading the GeForce now the price Turkey hoping to NVIDIA, the global price 100 percent increase surprised all the players by doing it. After this hike, Turkcell’s GeForce NOW Game + price if he does not raise GeForce NOW Turkey compared with the price of global prices “we can say that the normal” has become.

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