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8 Productions Focusing on the Battle of Gallipoli

by tenderpuls

We are preparing to commemorate this great victory once again on the 106th anniversary of the Çanakkale Naval Victory, which left great marks in the history of our country as well as in the history of the world. The Battle of Gallipoli has been the subject of many movies, with its importance.

One of the most important fronts of the First World War, çanakkale WarIn a sense, it has been recorded as a front where the course of history has changed. The fight lasted for months on this front, where the British Army, which was sure to capture Istanbul, printed and brought their own money. 18 March and its history is inscribed in our history as Çanakkale Naval Victory.

Such an important event, of course, found a place for itself on the big screen. Although some examples are very mediocre, At the center of the Battle of Gallipoli There are many movies and TV series. We have compiled some of them for you.

Last Hope (Water Diviner)

Starring Russell Crowe’s In this production of which he takes part, the Australian farmer Connor, who sent his three sons to the Gallipoli War, is about to find the traces of his sons who started in Istanbul and continued in Çanakkale. Yilmaz Erdogan and Cem YilmazThe IMDB grade of the production, which also includes 7,1.

Tell England

tell england

This 1931 film is adapted from the book of the same name, which is about the Battle of Gallipoli. This work, which tells about the experiences of two young Britons during the war, in a way makes it possible to understand what happened on the other side of the front. also the first film to deal with this war is recorded as.

Canakkale End of the Road

Çanakkale road end

The production starring Gürkan Uygun, whom we know as Memati in the Kurtlar Vadisi series, months of struggle and what happened at the front It is a film that narrates. The production, which includes names such as Umut Kurt and Berrak Tüzünataç, also has 7.5 points on IMDb.

A Nation Is Awakening

a nation is waking up

A Nation Awakens, bringing together many important players of its time, What happened in the First World War, especially in Çanakkale is taking the subject. The remnants of the 96th Regiment, which was very successful in Çanakkale, this time gathered for the War of Independence.



Australians One of the most important factors in raising awareness of the nation as the Battle of Gallipoli is shown. Realizing that after this war, Australians no longer want to fight for England, that they live in a war that doesn’t concern them Gallipoli, which tells about two Australian soldiers, can also be considered a successful film.

Dardanelles Epic 1915

Çanakkale 1915

One of the productions describing the founding period of which we saw successful examples in the early 2000s. Dardanelles Epic 1915‘Truck. It is also one of the best documentaries / films about the Battle of Gallipoli, which would have shot 654789 films until now, if Hollywood could not finish praising what it did in Normandy during World War II.

Last Castle Canakkale

last castle canakkale

That experts put their hands on the stone, maybe The most comprehensive documentary on the Battle of Gallipoli ever made Son Kale, which takes place and lives the events on the screens chronologically, also supports its narrative with large-scale re-enactments.

Çanakkale Could Not Be Passed


In the 90th year of the war in 1915 For the first time, countries on the opposite fronts of the war come together revealed this construction. In the production where Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Wales and TRT worked together, the military and humanitarian aspects of the war were discussed. Located in all countries except Turkey in the construction of the later they are independent from the United Kingdom also recalled left.

Turkish Ice Cream

turkish ice cream

During the Gallipoli War Located in australia and Türk İşi Dondurma, which was about the struggle of the two Turks who heard the sultan’s call for jihad, created mixed impressions in the audience.

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