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100% Turkish Business # 2: Mobile Space Game Oroboros

by tenderpuls

100% Turkish Job space adventure game today in the second of our series OroborosWe will examine. We give life to orobos, whom we can see as the guardians of the universe, in the game where we take on the task of being the savior of the galaxy that has sunk into darkness. Those who love old snake games will enjoy it. In Oroboros, we protect our dragon-like character that revolves around a vortex against dangers and try to grow at the same time.

Siis Games Oroboros, developed by a team of 5 people in 1 year, seems to please the players who love mobile arcade logic. The game, which you can take a chance, especially when returning home by bus or when you want to distract from work, can cause you to spend long periods without realizing it.

What’s the story of Oroboros?

When we look at Oroboros’ Google Play page “The ring is broken. Life as we know it is left behind. Everything is buried in darkness. The ancient guardians of the cycle, the Oroboros, have scattered across the universe… But the hope of being whole again one day still continues… Now is the time to take control of your destiny. Choose an oroboro and embark on a unique and mysterious adventure. Along the way, you will make new friends and fight fierce enemies. The opportunity awaits you to improve your skills, find hidden treasures and defeat mighty beasts.“The description is included.


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How do I download Oroboros?

Turkish-made Oroboros is currently available on Google Play and the App Store. If you want to download the game to your phone and join this excitement, you can use the links below.

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