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Wikipedia Seeks To Receive Money From Google And Apple

by tenderpuls

The Wikimedia Foundation, the organization behind Wikipedia, plans to charge for using Wikipedia content from companies such as Apple, Google, and Amazon, which have so far served their users free of charge.

Wikipedia, the “free encyclopedia” of the Internet, can offer information on any event, person, institution or product you are looking for. Wikipediais a reliable source of information Google, Amazon, Apple Companies such as, are first browsing the Wikipedia archive for a word or phrase searched in search engines or voice assistants they offer.

When you search for any “thing” on Google, Google will show you a search result from Wikipedia, as well as websites for that “thing”. information card also adds. Therefore, most of the time, when users search for something on Google, they can find the answer they are looking for even before leaving the search engine.

Tech giants currently pay no cost to use Wikipedia content

So how much does it cost tech giants to use Wikipedia as the number one source of information? It is exactly 0 (zero) dollars. However, this may change in the near future. According to information shared by Wired, the Wikimedia Foundation, the institution behind Wikipedia, said, “Wikimedia Enterprise “ which will provide a paid service to the tech giants for Wikipedia.

Wikimedia Enterprise offers Wikipedia content to millions of users every day, free of charge, to companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon. who need to pay a fee will offer a commercial product. Nothing much is expected to change for individual users, the free encyclopedia of the internet will continue to be available for free. The change will be for tech giants that provide a better experience for their users and increase their revenue with Wikipedia content.

Wikipedia volunteers may not be willing to monetize their free content


Wired states that Wikimedia Enterprise is currently in talks with the technology giants, and that the agreements can be made in the summer. Nevertheless, the Wikimedia Foundation Monetizing Wikipedia content The only issue that needs to worry about their plans may not be whether the tech giants will come to an agreement.

The Wikimedia Foundation, and consequently, Wikipedia, have so far been publicized with donations from volunteers, and operations such as research, content creation, updating, auditing and fact-checking were carried out by the volunteers without any financial expectation. Volunteering Basically, it is difficult to predict how volunteers will react to this situation when they see that the content they create is being monetized.

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