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Who is Pelin “Pqueen” Baynazoğlu?

by tenderpuls

Pelin Baynazoğlu, or as everyone knows, pqueen. He Twitch Turkey’s most popular broadcasters. So who is pqueen, how did he get into the publishing world? We told you for you.

Broadcasting, which has become one of the newest and most popular professions of the current period, has become a recognized profession all over the world, including our country, with the increasing population of platforms such as Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, and DLive. Twitch, the leader of the broadcasting industry, has exceeded the daily limit of 15 million unique users. This is a very important milestone both for the development of the industry and for the emergence of brand new publishers.

A large portion of the 15 million unique users worldwide per day hosts mass Twitch creating users in Turkey. Elraenn, Self Musician, Jahrein, Wtcn, Hype and Pqueen With the contribution of other publishers in our list, where publishers such as, and other publishers, years ago the threshold of 1,000 people was a big event, now the publishers on this list are broadcasting to tens of thousands. Our publisher we will talk about in this article is Pelin “Pqueen” Baynazoğlu. He is on the agenda with the publications he has organized with Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansut Yavaş recently.

Who is Pelin “Pqueen” Baynazoğlu?

He opened his eyes to the world in Ankara on July 18, 1992. Pelin Baynazoğlugrows up as a kid who is keen on games. Pelin started her undergraduate education by completing the Department of Economics, and after this education, she studied Pedogogic Formation at Dumlupınar University. Pelin Baynazoğlu, who never broke off the connection with the game world, which she discovered at the age of 9, also started her publishing career, the game where she discovered the game world. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City started with.

2017: Pqueen’s first step into the publishing world:

Pelin Baynazoğlu

Opened its first broadcast on the Twitch platform in 2017 PqueenWith its unique temperament, it started to take firm steps towards gaining an audience over time. Pqueen, who managed to entertain both himself and his audience by playing story-based, simulation and occasionally FPS games, would make a decision that would allow him to climb the stairs of his career multiple times in 2019.

2019: JTG TV NoobStar adventure:


In 2019 JTG TVarranged by Algida Boom Boom NoobStar Pqueen, who participated as a contestant in the contest named Jahrein and PintiPanda He appeared before the jury team formed by the duo. Among the competitors in this competition were today’s popular publishers such as Elraenn, Toqtir and Zade. Although Pelin “Pqueen” Baynazoğlu did not make it to the end of the NoobStar contest, she said goodbye to the Twitch channel with a large audience. NoobStar has been a major milestone in the popularity of the name Pqueen today.

Twitch Turkey’s most watched female publisher:

Mansur Yavaş - Pqueen

2017 In the first step the horse Twitch Pque accessing an important position in a few years, Twitch is Turkey’s most-watched broadcaster woman holds the title for a long time. In addition to this, Pqueen, who also finds a place among international female broadcasters, frequently manages to stay above the 10,000 audience threshold in her current publications.

In the visual of the broadcast announcement that he routinely shared on his Twitter account in January Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş‘A place that Pque which received a response both Twitch Turkey itself that excites the audience. All Twitch audience eagerly waited Turkey, ABB President of the Slow Mansur’s followers on Twitter with Pqueen with the state that want to participate and interact with their publication.

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