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Todd Garner Announces He Will Expand the Mortal Kombat Universe

by tenderpuls

Todd Garner, the producer of Mortal Kombat, which is expected to be released in the next month, gave some information about his future productions. Stating that the movie Mortal Kombat was not enough for him, the producer explained that he wanted to expand this universe more, so some characters were not included in the film.

Many on the market fight There may be a game, but the most legend of these is the series called Mortal Kombat, where the blood takes the body and the players sometimes feel sick. It has a unique style and connects the players in this way. Mortal Kombat One of his fans is the producer of the movie Mortal Kombat, which will be released next month. Todd garner.

Todd Garner made it clear in an interview today that he has been a heavy fan of the Mortal Kombat franchise since the first game. Besides, Garner will be released next month. Mortal Kombat He also stated that his movie was not enough for him. In some of the interview, Todd Garner also mentioned why some characters were not included in the movie.future plans‘announced that.

Todd Garner: “I want to do a nine-hour ‘WandaVision'”

In an interview with Todd Garner, “The reason we don’t include Johnny Cage is because he thinks he’s very egoistic, mean, funny, and the most important thing in life. So is canoe. So should we say, “Okay, these two funny kids fight an ego war”? Or should we keep Cage back and use it later? ” by explaining Mortal Kombat movie the continuation he spoke in the nature of the future.

Garner, “There are people we can see later. There are also characters with mixed backgrounds. I always say, “I want to do a nine-hour WandaVision with this thing.”. There’s a lot to do, so as someone who doesn’t know what Mortal Kombat is, you should watch the movie and as a result, it’s like you’ve been playing all the games for 30 years. fan we want you to be “ He also stated that he would process this universe in much more detail by making his explanations.

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