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Russian YouTuber Builds 400-Meter Eiffel Tower in Valheim

by tenderpuls

A YouTuber would have thought he had a lot of free time that he rebuilt one of the world’s most famous structures, the Eiffel Tower, in Valheim. There are so many parts in the structure that as it rises, the in-game FPS approaches 0.

Combining battle royale and RPG genre, developed by Swedish game studio Iron Gate Studio and released by Coffee Stain Studios Valheimis among the most popular games of recent times. While most people are pursuing a game-directed experience in this open-world construction, some players he prefers to push the limits.

Vot Te Game a Russian YouTuber named; By pushing the limits of creativity in Valheim, where we can build wooden or stone mansions, houses and various structures Eiffel Towerbuilt from scratch in the game. YouTuber, who got help from the construction cheat in the game’s creator mode for the structure in question, tested the limits of not only the game but also the game engine.

After creating a flat foundation for the tower, youTuber built each pole one by one using wooden materials, and it was really both an enjoyable video to watch and a structure that was admirable. However, the structure in question really does has made it unplayable.

At the lowest level of the Eiffel Tower made of wood, 400 meters high and 124 meters wide 100+ FPS When we get to the middle, the in-game FPS drops to the 20s. When we start to go up from the middle of the Eiffel Tower, the game engine is almost dysfunctional and 0 FPS you receive.

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