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Oscar for Best Actor This Time Goes to a Muslim Actor

by tenderpuls

In the ominous year in which movie theaters hunted flies, the 93rd Academy (Oscar) Awards candidates have been announced, albeit with a delay. As long as there is something called the golden figurine cinema, I will be here, you will understand. This time, there is also a Muslim candidate for one of the biggest awards: Riz Ahmad.

“He has never made a movie this year, dear!” The list of 2021’s Oscar nominees, which gave mercy to the stereotypical art basket conversations that started with the words, has just arrived on my table. Immediately I squeezed my Havana cig between my fingers, stripped my bone-framed distant glasses from my face, and began to examine the results written on duplicator with narrow eyes.

Of course, nothing like this happened. Since we didn’t live in 1957, nobody brought a list or anything to my table. I don’t have a table anyway. Thanks to the blessings of technology, knowledge in humble ways we can reach. I examine the Oscar nominees on the screen of the flat device on my knee. I usually watch movies from there, anyway.

Mankish effect, I’ve been dreaming Retro for a while

The previous sequence was one of them. MankYou know, through the eyes of Herman Mankiewicz, author of Citizen Kane, he looked at Hollywood in the 1930s. Now he has managed to reach the top with the largest number of nominations. There are branches in which it is pretentious, but it cannot be said that it is still a favorite.

Is it important? All in all David fincher and Gary oldman the story of the emergence of state-owned enterprises that have come together is followed even as they film and play. So, if you haven’t watched it, be sure to see it as soon as possible. Have it on Netflix.

Before moving on to the others, let’s take it slow and go back to summary. The lists are full of different colors. We can say that we have been greeted with the most comprehensive candidate list ever.


This situation has been talked about more than movies and performances, and it seems that it will continue to be talked about. There are people from 20 different ethnic minority groups in acting branches alone. Only 5 women have been nominated so far. for the best director This year, two female candidates are competing at once. This is a first in the 93-year history of the Academy Awards.

On the other hand, the British school is showing its influence. We can see the British in almost every branch. The spirit of South Korean cinema that has been in the spotlight since Parasite, though not actually Korean-made, thanks to its cast and story Minarihas come to life again in. Pakistani Muslim actor who plays like a poem in Sound of Metal Riz ahmed was also nominated for the best actor. If he can pull the rope, he will be the first Muslim actor to be awarded in this category.

A parenthesis here. The opinions of the members of the academy, which could not get their share of diversity, have attracted a great deal of lightning, especially in recent years. After all 68% men, 86% whites, We are talking about the awards distributed by a group with an average age of 62. Still, it should be said that this year’s report card is a serious leap forward in this respect. Those who wait with eggs in their hands seem to be scattered without incident.

The movie that starts with the sound of metal and ends with the sound of metal

Sound of Metal

I said Sound of Metal and continue from there. This year’s heavy balls. While the poster and its name make a second impression of Whiplash, let’s point out that it is a movie with a completely different course. While doing metal drummer This is the story of a young man who lost his hearing. Throughout the film, we experience how the hearing impaired is a closed box, its seriousness and terrifyingness.

Thanks to its extraordinary sound design, it also functions as a hearing impairment simulation. Riz Ahmad and his partner Paul Raci played charming. These performances were also deemed worthy of nomination as expected. It is recommended that even those whose relationship with cinema is at the level of hello and hello take time to watch. It can be watched on Amazon Prime.

Let’s talk about Nomadland, which is the favorite of the year according to many authorities.


This is the story of a woman who lost everything she owned, especially her husband, after the 2008 recession. With this story, we open the door to the lives and philosophies of those who live in nomads in the USA. Film capital, property, labor, income injustice, economic systems and invites its audience to reflect on concepts such as home.

He nominated his director Chloé Zhao. Nothing surprising happened on the Frances McDormand front, and she was nominated for her top performance. It is a film that touches the spirit of the times, and its feet are firmly on the ground. It seems that it will preserve its historical document quality for many years. Must be watched.

The 93rd Oscar Awards Ceremony will be held on April 25 at its usual location, the Dolby Theater, and simultaneously at the Union Station train station in Los Angeles.


2021 Oscar Awards Nominations Announced: Netflix Movie Mank Nominated For 10 Branches

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