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Galaxy Note 21 May Not Be Released Due To Chip Shortage

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Samsung Mobile co-CEO Koh Dong-jin said the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 may not be launched due to the current chip shortage. Still, Samsung definitely plans to announce a Galaxy Note model next year.

It has been a topic that has been talked about for a while that there has been a shortage in the semiconductor industry and manufacturers have been insufficient in chip supply. Some automotive giants even decided to temporarily halt production due to the shortage of semiconductor chips. Apparently chip shortageat a level that will even affect the products of semiconductor giants.

According to a new report shared by Bloomberg Samsung Mobile co-CEO Koh Dong-jin (DJ Koh)stated that there was a serious imbalance in the supply and demand of semiconductor chips during the annual shareholder meeting; clearly spelled out the impact this has had on Samsung mobile products.

Samsung may not announce a Galaxy Note model this year due to chip shortage

According to DJ Koh’s statements, Samsung is thought to be released in the second half of the year due to the lack of chip supply. never launch the new Galaxy Note model may choose. Stating that launching two flagship smartphones in a year during such a famine is a burdensome task, Koh said, therefore, Samsung may change the launch date of the new Galaxy Note, or it may not launch at all.

Samsung’s May put an end to the Galaxy Note series It is a topic that has been spoken for years, but up to now, foldable smartphones have always been shown as the basis for these claims. Samsung’s current justification for not releasing a new Galaxy Note model is a problem with parts supply.

Samsung: We plan to announce a Galaxy Note next year

Galaxy Note 21

That is why DJ Koh said that Samsung did not release a Galaxy Note model this year, Doesn’t mean the series is over to explain “We are planning to launch a Galaxy Note model next year” used the expressions. So Koh, “Galaxy Note series is coming to an end” It has already closed the doors to its allegations.

So what will happen to those who plan to upgrade their existing smartphones with a new Galaxy Note model? The Galaxy Note series has always been Samsung’s “true” flagship series in terms of features and position in the industry, but at least for this year. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra It can also be considered as an alternative to Galaxy Note 21 Ultra. Moreover, the Galaxy S21 Ultra does not lag behind the Galaxy Note models in terms of display and on the device. S-Pen support is also available.

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