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Discord Develops a Clubhouse-Like Feature

by tenderpuls

Based on the information and screenshot shared by a Reddit user, the popular voice chat app Discord is working on a feature similar to Clubhouse, another popular voice chat-based social networking app.

A voice chat-based social network that can only be signed up by invitation Clubhousehas started a trend similar to the one Snapchat once did. Especially with the effect of our closure to homes due to the pandemic, for the last year digital services It became even more important that Clubhouse became one of the most popular applications in this period.

Clubhouse attracted users so strongly that it first Twitter announced that it has developed a Clubhouse-like feature called “Twitter Spaces”. after the Facebook is also working on its own Clubhouse-like (!) Application news began to come. The last company trying to benefit from the popularity of the Clubhouse is Discord it looks like it will.

Clubhouse trend continues: Stage Channel feature is coming to Discord

In fact, Discord is already an application that mostly players use for voice chat, but also allows video chat. However, Discord’s current chat rooms, It is made accessible to a limited number of users. A Reddit user reported that they have beta access to a new feature of Discord, and the Clubhouse-like feature of the voice chat application. revealed.

According to a shared screenshot, Discord can also add one to the existing text, voice and announcement channels. “Stage Channel” plans to add the feature. In these channels, which will be accessible to everyone, only certain people will be able to speak and other participants will demand a “voice” from the manager in order to be able to speak.


Clubhouse Launches a Program That Allows Users to Make Money

Although the Scene Channel option is displayed among the channel creation options based on the Reddit user’s share, Discord does not yet allow a Scene Channel creation. Therefore, Discord continues to work on the feature and the feature will not be available in a short time we can guess.

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