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Tinder Activates Criminal Record Inquiry Feature

by tenderpuls

Tinder, the world’s most used dating application, is preparing to introduce a new security measure. Due to the increase in dating applications due to COVID-19, competitors of the application began to emerge.

Continuing to make new investments Match Group (Tinder owner) decided to make a significant investment in security. Publishes criminal records without a profit Garbo Deciding to invest in an organization called Match Group, To Tinder is preparing to add a new feature. It is also stated that this feature will not be limited to Tinder.

If you do not know who you are matched with on Tinder and do not feel confident, you can now increase your security with this new feature. Especially if you are planning to meet with your partner, if you are in doubt as to whether the person is a criminal or his intention. Tinder it will inspire a trust for you.

OkCupid, Hinge, and Match will also use this feature

Match Group OKCupid, Hinge and Match Integration of Garbo is expected in other applications named. The person you match; “Violence, general criminal record, arrest, harassment, rape and other sexual crimesYou will be able to have information about whether he has been convicted before. Garbo will keep this information anonymized. Tinder is absolutely With garbo will not share. If people want to share this information voluntarily, they will.

Tinder plans to offer this service as a VIP, so you will have this feature by paying a certain fee. Survivor of sexual violence Kathryn Kosmides Founded in 2018 by Garbo, continues to work to ensure that other people are not exposed to violence. But it’s worth mentioning: Tinder drug crimes will not share. The company, which thinks that these crimes are blamed on minorities for unfair reasons, especially in the USA, will ensure confidentiality about these data in the USA.

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