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Instagram Takes Precautions For Younger Users

by tenderpuls

Recently, the increasing issues of abuse against underage children around the world make the platforms more cautious. Instagram has decided to restrict interaction between adults and teenagers.

Especially pedophiles Platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, which are targeted by He decided to change his Instagram policies because of the increase of people who want to deceive young people and want private conversations and images. Thanks to the policy change, Instagram adults to teens will prevent them from texting. However, adults who are constantly trying to send messages to users under the age of 18 “potential suspectWill mark as ”.

There is also a security measure for young people. If teens try to text adults, security warnings will appear. Younger users “sharing of photos, videos and private informationIt will send warnings about the potential risk of this meeting.

Rises on blackmail and harassment triggered this update

The growing blackmail and harassment issues from Instagram around the world have been a major factor in Instagram’s willing to release this update. Instagram: Young people who post sections of their own lives in their accounts may feel regret in their private speeches. They can also be affected by the manipulation of adults. Sometimes bad things happen to them when they want to talk to someone they like.


Tinder Brings The Feature Of Querying The Criminal Record Of The Person You Matched To Increase Your Security

This set of events, also known as cyberbullying, is taken very seriously, especially in the USA. There are many television shows in the US to expose child molesters. Tinder to match users Garbo agree with criminal record The fact that Instagram made this breakthrough after the announcement that it will offer is actually the biggest proof that we are insecure in social networks.

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