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EA Games Promises to Fight Racist and Offensive Content

by tenderpuls

EA Games has been dealing with offensive and racist content lately. More than 9000 accounts have been banned due to player-generated content inside Fifa 21.

In FIFA 21 Serious problems began to arise due to racist and aggressive content created by far-right groups. Stating that a lot of attention is paid to all reported content, EA Games’s average 25.000 It is known to warn the account on it. Pro Clubs In mode, many players state that they make homophobic and racist club names, comments and statements.

EurogamerIn the statement made today, many examples were given about this situation. Fanatical racist and right-marginal groups were Steam It was known that it was organized through platforms such as. Of FIFA 21 being used for this purpose is seen as very worrying.

Racist ideology is encouraged and organized

In Pro Clubs mode Apart from the racist, homophobic and aggressive content written, organization is also provided with various expressions written in the comments and explanation sections. Of FIFA 21 Using it for such a purpose is of course considered quite strange. It is quite interesting to have such an organization planning in a sports game. Earlier CS: GO, Steam Chat etc. it was revealed that the platforms were used to avoid listening to these conversations.


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EA Games on the subject; “Smarter monitoring and mitigation will be carried out thanks to our new tools and solutions that will emerge in the coming months. found in the description. He asked the players to report such content at http://ea.com/report. Of course, recently increasing of racism and the use of game platforms for this purpose disturbs almost everyone.

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