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Apple Brings Security Update With iOS 14.5

by tenderpuls

Apple has decided to make a completely different innovation in iOS 14.5 due to the security problems that have emerged recently. Due to a security problem caused by Safari in the past days, it was the first time in a long time that all iOS devices were updated at the same time.

For all security updates Apple has released to date, a new iOS version had to publish. Company, with iOS 14.5 He will also get rid of this addiction. A new update has been announced recently due to the security vulnerability, but many iOS users that he will slow down had not done the update. Apple made a radical decision to separate iOS updates and security updates to avoid such situations.

In this way, Apple will publish security updates at critical moments, encourage users to download the update and allow users to update only iOS. iOS 15 who do not want to download and iOS 14.5 An Apple user who wants to use it will still be able to receive security updates. Apple will separate iOS version and security dependency both for itself and for users

Users don’t trust Apple’s iOS updates

AppleIt is said that the users made this decision about such problems because they did not install the update due to the late updates or doubts about whether the update will damage their phones. Admitting that he intentionally slowed down the phone, especially in updates AppleIt is known that users have difficulty in getting new updates. Apple has had to endure many lawsuits due to its confession in recent years. This situation actually brings the understanding that “who wants to update the iOS version, who does not want to update it”.


Real-time Crowd Detection Coming to Apple Maps with iOS 14.5

Apple’s iOS 14.5 According to the user experience results of this new system to be brought with iPadOS and MacOS It is stated that it will be published in. Of Android Considering that it has been working like this for a long time, we can say that Apple is breaking its shell in many ways this year.

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