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AnTuTu Claims Realme GT Got High Scores For Cheating

by tenderpuls

China-based performance testing platform AnTuTu faced Realme over cheating. According to the allegations in the tension due to the model named GT, which the company recently announced, Realme had cheated on this smartphone to get a high score. Realme denied the allegations.

One of the important issues in the smart phone industry, performance tests. In this regard, platforms such as AnTuTu and Geekbench are places that consumers take a look at before purchasing a smartphone. Nowadays AnTuTuIs a Chinese technology company Realme has come face to face with. The reason for this is Realme’s smartphone named GT.

Realme GT is one of the flagship devices announced recently. This smartphone in tests on AnTuTu 750 thousand points and claimed to be one of the most powerful devices in the industry. However, AnTuTu made some statements on the subject that Realme was cheating, and GT is actually such a powerful device. that there is no He claimed. In the statements made from the Realme front, it was stated that the allegations were unfounded.

What trick could Realme have done to manipulate GT’s AnTuTu score?

According to the statements made by AnTuTu, Realme with trickery and special techniques it made it look like a more powerful device. Supporting this with evidence, platform officials say that the GT looks great at decoding JPG, but engineers who want to do so are implementing thread delay tactics. In addition, the reference image used during image processing of AnTuTu tests is also possible thanks to GT’s software. changedThe image was not rendered in the same quality it was. AnTuTu officials, with this process made thanks to Realme GT’s software, mosaic blocks It expresses that the speed of image processing is increased by turning it into a transformer, thus obtaining a higher score.


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According to AnTuTu, Realme GT has processed the reference image as


In the statements made by Realme, this claim denied. Reaching out to the Android Authority editors, the Realme team argued that the results were completely correct. Realme CEO Xu Qi Chase, who shared a post on China’s social network Weibo, said that the AnTuTu score is based entirely on real data told.

In the statements made from the AnTuTu front, it was reported that Realme should take the issue seriously. Stating that new measures can be taken if this attitude is maintained, the platform officials said Realme’s with a permanent ban They underlined that they could face each other. Finally; Keep from Samsung in previous years that this incident is not a first in the industry. HuaweiIt should be noted that almost every technology company has been subjected to such accusations up to.

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