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A New Hack Method Released for Playstation 1

by tenderpuls
Playstation 1 İçin Yeni Bir Hack Yöntemi Yayınlandı

Thanks to the increasing interest in retro game consoles all over the world in recent years, software is still being produced. Thanks to a new hacking method produced for Playstation 1, it is now easier to play cheat games.

Over the age of 30 PlayStationOlder versions of the game are still popular. It is especially fun for those who like to play old games and “original“The PlayStation and PlayStation One platforms still continue to be hacked.

Marcos Del Sol Vives Thanks to a new hack published by Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, it becomes quite easy to play the games you have on CD. With many incredible games that can be played on PlayStation One, “without hardware changes“Using such an easy hacking method has made many console owners very happy. Usually until today “chippingWith “fake CDs can be used, now this can only be done due to a memory error.”

Tony Hawk’s gets hacked thanks to the “Create Skater” episode in 2, 3 and 4

The optical disc is broken due to an overrun in Tony Hawk’s 2, 3 and 4 “Create Skater”. Tony hawk’s You can start playing your cheat games as soon as you remove the disc and insert the disc of the game you want to play. In many games tested this hack It is stated that it happened.


How to Play PlayStation Games on PC with PS Now?

What you need is a memory card and Tony Hawk’s CD. Emulator Thanks to this hack, which is stated to reduce its usage PlayStation You can play the game you want on the platform. Thanks to a save file placed on the memory card, there is an overrun in the character creation screen, and this hacking method takes place quickly. Still a PSOne or PlayStation If you are the owner, you can try this hacking method. Of course you have an original Tony hawk’s If there is a version, the probability of taking the value increases.

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