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Viral Video of Children Who Don’t Know the Oath of Students

by tenderpuls

A video that went viral on social media has become the agenda of internet users in our country. The two children in the video in question were doing it live on social media and having fun in their own way. One publication “read Andımız” children who were surprised on to say, they were unaware of the value of the Republic of Turkey’s cultural …

Social media, which has become an integral part of our lives with the widespread use of the Internet, viral content erupts. While some of them are really funny and reach millions of users, others reveal the end points of cultural degeneration in our country. In this content, where we laugh at our cry we will talk about a video.

There are two young children in the video in question. Putting aside questioning what children of this age are doing on social media, as far as we understand it is a live broadcast is being done. A person participating in the broadcast according to the statements of the children, “Our Oath“Do you read?”PriceBelieve us, we do not know if we are upset that the children do not know our Oath or whether a song comes to mind when this word is used.

Here’s that video that went viral on social media

Our Oath, also known as the Student Oath, Republic of Turkeyis one of the important values ​​of. The period in 1933 was drafted by the Minister of Education and Reşit Galip Turkey until 2013. He also taught in schools in general. However, when we come to 2013, this cultural value to abolish It was decided. When we come to 2018, the Council of State, the relevant provision that abolishes our Oath in the legal framework. to cancel he decided. The process, which restarted after the decision was not implemented, was finalized by the Council of State Administrative Law Divisions. The decision regarding the annulment of the provisions according to the decision taken today, broken. In other words, in this case, the provision that decides to annul the provision that abolishes Our Credits is canceled.


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Finally, there is nothing to react to the kids about that video that went viral. ‘Cause these kids guess They are between the ages of 10-15. In other words, it is very common for them not to know our Credo. Because such a cultural value was not included in their school years. With this excuse, let’s end this content by sharing the Student Oath for our young followers who do not know …

I’m Turkish, I’m right, I’m hardworking,
Principle: To protect my minors, to count my elders, to love my homeland and nation more than my solution.
My country: to rise is to go forward.
O Great Atatürk!
I swear that I will walk non-stop to your goal on the road you have paved.
May my existence be a gift to the Turkish presence.
How happy is the one who says I am a Turk!

Some of the reactions for the video are as follows

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Twitter comment

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