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Undertale Comes to Xbox with Game Pass

by tenderpuls

The RPG game Undertale, released in 2015, is coming to Xbox as of tomorrow via Game Pass. Celebrating its 5th anniversary last September, the game received positive reviews from many gamers and authorities.

Toby Fox’s 2D 8-bit RPG game released in 2015 Undertale, Finally through Game Pass To xbox is coming. In the blog post posted today, the game’s already available for PC in the Microsoft store Tuesday, March 16 The future was announced for Xbox One, Series X and Series S.

As most of us know, Undertale is not so new to the gaming world. His debut on PC last September 5th anniversary The celebrating game is about the war between humans and creatures. The game, which has a nostalgic atmosphere, has managed to get full marks from many segments and authorities.

What kind of game is Undertale?

It is an RPG genre that has received very good reviews with its different Undertale, as we mentioned above war between humans and creatures is taking the subject. While people and creatures lived in peace for a period, war breaks out with the deterioration of peace and people become the winning side of war.

With the people winning the war, the monsters are imprisoned under a powerful magic. To overcome this spell combining a human and a monster spirit or break the barrier permanently with seven human spirits.

Our story begins one day when a person goes to this mountain where monsters live and fall down. Frisk This boy named is also our main character we play in the game. With Frisk we fall into the mountain, the world of creatures being able to return to people again we are making a journey for.


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Undertale The video posted for the Xbox announcement You can watch it right below.

Undertale I Xbox announcement video:

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