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Surprise Eggs Special for Pi Number Day from Google

by tenderpuls

Google placed a surprise egg in the calculator integrated into the search engine for the World Pi Number. Focusing on how well the number pi is known with visual memory, this surprise egg first shows the digits of this special number and then wants these numbers to be entered correctly.

March 14 its history represents two important days for the world. While the first of these is the “Medicine Day”, which is the day of healthcare professionals who put their lives on their teeth due to the coronavirus pandemic, the second is one of the important elements of mathematics. day of pi known as. For those who do not know; The special day determined for the number pi, starting as 3.14, is celebrated as the 14th of the third month.

As such Googlelaunched an application specific to the number pi. The world’s most popular search engine is a fun surprise egg placed. This surprise egg, which can be accessed by typing calculator in Google, helps you understand how good your visual memory is in addition to knowing how many digits of the pi number.

When a user searches for a calculator on Google, the number pi in the top left of the screen with symbol encounters. When you hover over the icon, it can be seen that there is a start menu. Google first shows 3.14 for the user who clicks on this button and wants it written. After writing this the process into a vicious circle turns and is asked to enter these numbers, adding one more number at a time. As you can imagine, it is not possible to reach the end.


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How many digits the Pi number has in total is even today Unknown. Although special algorithms have been created for this, the growing need for storage as the numbers increase causes the calculation to be interrupted after a while. The highest number of digits detected so far 31.4 trillion. It is not known whether the number of digits of this number is determined one day, but schools can make the calculations they need as 3.14 or 3.14159.

If you want to reach Google’s surprise egg, here You can use the link.

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