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Steamer incoming Forza Horizon 4 Great Interest from Turkey

by tenderpuls

March 9, listed on Steam starting to Forza Horizon 4, he saw one of the largest interest in Turkey. 5,02’s percent of all sales worldwide by the Global Steam located statistic comes from Turkey. According to this statistic, we are the 5th country that bought Forza Horizon 4 from Steam the most.

One of the most important agenda items of gamers last week was Microsoft’s Forza Horizon 4‘was. The legendary racing game, the world’s most popular online gaming platform Came to Steam, Local pricing policy applied to countries such as Turkey, had smiles on the faces of gamers. This situation is to global statistics and the prominent names of the industry did not go unnoticed.

Keeps statistics about games on Steam Global Steam According to the information contained on the Steam platform is 5,02’s Forza Horizon 4 percent of sales coming from Turkey. This has placed our country in the 5th place among the countries that bought Forza Horizon 4 the most. Making important statements about the video game industry Daniel Ahmadargues that such situations should not be overlooked.

The purchase rates of Forza Horizon 4 listed on Steam are as follows:

According to data on Global Steam RussiaPlayers in the world are better at purchasing Forza Horizon 4 than in other countries. In this context, 13.39 percent of Forza Horizon 4 sold on Steam went to Russia. This rate of the United States, United Kingdom, followed by China and Turkey. For game lovers in our country, a discount expectations If we ignore that, rates will rise significantly in Turkey, we can say already.


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According to the statements made by Daniel Ahmad, the main reason for this situation is that Xbox consoles popular is not originates from countries. Saying that PC owners started to want Forza Horizon 4 more with this move of Steam, Ahmad said that the sales in the USA was below expectations emphasizes.

So what is your general opinion about Forza Horizon 4? Users on Steam “Mostly PositiveDid the Forza Horizon 4 they voted as “meet your expectation?

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