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Statement from WhatsApp CEO on Privacy Policy

by tenderpuls

WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart made a statement regarding the privacy policy that will take effect in May and Apple’s iMessage. Stating that privacy policies will not affect users, Cathcart stated that double standards are applied to them regarding iMessage.

The number one name of WhatsApp, which has been on the agenda for the last few months with new privacy policies that will come into effect only in May. Will catcartSpoke in a podcast called “Big Technology”. Commenting on the agenda, WhatsApp CEO, one of the biggest competitors of the company with its new privacy policies. iMessage also talked about.

Will Cathcart in his statements on his privacy policies to date memorized sentences repeated. Stating that the principles that will come into force in May mean nothing, especially in terms of the confidentiality of the messages, the CEO underlined that they are more about businesses. According to the WhatsApp CEO, users are in no way affected by the changes. they will not be affected.

There are standard differences between Apple’s own apps and WhatsApp

On reminding that Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature will be available with iOS 14.5 double standard Stating that it has been implemented, Cathcart states that while it is stated that the iMessage application has no security risk, there is no such thing for WhatsApp, which serves the same purpose. Saying that there is no difference between the two services, WhatsApp CEO said that the best thing for Apple is that everyone uses iPhone and therefore iMessage. is not possible it states. Speaking about himself, Cathcart states that he has used an iPhone for years and now owns an Android phone and an iPad.


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Statements made by WhatsApp CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said “One of Facebook’s biggest competitors is Apple …“It is an indication that the understanding in his words continues today. Moreover, it will take place in iOS 14.5. Application Tracking Transparency feature is something that has already bothered the Facebook group. Because with the launch of this service, Facebook’s in advertising revenues There will be visible decreases. Also Facebook’s its place in the eyes of usersIf the company they see as a competitor is a giant like Apple, it should not be ignored.

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