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Playstation 4 Communities Shut Down in April

by tenderpuls

Sony has made up its mind on the long debated PS4 communities. As of April 2021, Playstation 4 communities will be closed.

2015 September announced in and Playstation It was decided to abolish the “Communities” that increase their sociability with the ecosystem. Playstation 4 The fact that the player communities will be shut down brings with it a lot of speculation. Last year, Sony’s removal of the ability to create private communities had received a strong response. However Playstation 5 After the request he received in the pre-order, he was wondering what Sony would do.

After Sony released Playstation 5 From PS3 he completely withdrew his support. The arrival of such a move on Playstation 4, “Is Sony trying to completely remove support for Playstation 4?” brings to mind questions. Playstation The players in the community were known to be very helpful to each other in many ways, sometimes even forming family groups. Available with this move by Sony of console its future also poses a question mark.

Is Sony getting rid of communities completely?

Many Playstation player, Playstation 5Since there are no communities in this move CommunitiesHe thinks it was done to get rid of it completely. Sony he had to devote a considerable amount of resources to his audio and text community hosts. “Created by users who have common features with each other”CommunitiesThanks to the “feature mmo and co-op Finding partners in the games was becoming very easy.


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Sony’s 2021 April With this feature turned off in February, players will have to look for new platforms to build community. Of course, Sony is also expected to remove many features from the Playstation 4. Wii U The example covers the whole of the most shown events here. Netflix It is speculated that similar features will be removed from the Playstation 4, such as the Wii U, whose support has been removed. At the end of the day, a scenario where our Playstation 4 device will suddenly become dysfunctional can be quite annoying.

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